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  • mnplumb mnplumb Mar 31, 2000 7:05 PM Flag

    George10,it's OK to buy four letter

    stocks again like PLXS. Sell all your NEW YORK,or
    American exchange stocks. This is fun watching things
    going down then up again???? Don't try to figure it
    out,roll with the waves, but make sure you have a large
    boat: or you may drown?????? If you figure this out
    call!!!!!!! See Ya

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    • I've had YoYo's that didnt go up and down as well
      as this. I have been buying and selling plxs alot
      lately and have just about achieved a 2 to 1 split just
      by selling on a major rise and buying back when it
      goes down a couple of bucks. Im never greedy though I
      dont wait til it hits bottom only a two to three point
      drop. So far its been working great, even Uncle Sam
      likes it. I like the stocks you have but I sure wish
      you would have told me about acouple of the others.
      I'm always eager to listen and learn so rest assured
      you have my undivided attention. I have some money in
      GE that will probably clear up after the 3-1 split
      April 27th. I may put it in PLXS or try dipping my toe
      into some fresh water, so if you know of any ponds I
      may want to check out let me know. In the meantime Im
      still in Sartell and the worst thing about it is the
      lack of airconditioner repairmen. I understand they
      have cardboard snowplows out where they are highly
      visible to tourists. Keep up that image. See ya

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