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  • iamkrk iamkrk Dec 7, 2002 7:42 PM Flag

    Who was the genius who hired

    O'Neill in the first place?

    President Clinton, please take us back.

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    • who hired that Sec. of Labor asian CHHUNNTT Elaine Choa?? pompous harvard brat
      It is friggen nauseating for these bureaucrats at all levels to refer to themselves as PUBLIC SERVANTS as she did O'Neil

      the day these parasites of the taxpayers work as volunteers and not ALL rertire millionaires with benefits, med, and retirement for life, then they can call themselves friggen servants of the people
      The problem is they hang with overpaid CEO's and their jet setting whore lobbyist attorney types and feel they deserve that kind of pay and are UNDERPAID..delusional pphhuuuccks they are, yep
      I remember when the chunt Mayor of Orlando kept referrring to herself and her cronies as "public servants" yeah the whores get 150k annual retirments and lifetime medical..awesome public service
      beam me up..sad

    • You didn't just say must have typed wrong.

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