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  • Tunin13 Tunin13 Jan 22, 2004 3:15 PM Flag

    .losers on rig board

    this board is filled with inept day traders who are home looking at their worthless lotto scratcher tickets,
    what a joke this is, these foolish morons, i'm holding the stock until it goes to 40, u 2 minute men should learn discipline and self control

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    • Sam,

      The butterfly pattern can break up or down. If the price is below those moving averages, the butterfly pattern will spread to the downside. Don't forget which side of the pattern the price is on.

      PMU is on the downside of the pattern at this time.


    • Thanks, dabum, they said that you would be magnanimous. Thanks, for the chart and the coaching. Looks nice on PMU.

    • Samgoins,

      My first post about butterfly patterns appeared in message #43813. This particular setup can be very explosive in the short term due to the number of traders that respond to the various indicators. You have a larger number of people who are motivated to act at the same time.

      I like to see the 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 day moving averages all bunched together and trading within a nickel of each other.

      I like to see the price break above those moving averages on rising volume. It isn't unusual to see some very powerful movement off this type of set up.

      Here are the settings for the chart setup, if you have access to Stockcharts.,uu[h,a]daclyiay[d20030524,20031

      BTW, been to Greeleyville many times. Williamsburg county was part of my sales territory when I had a day job.


    • >>again this is all speculatory and not real in investing,<<
      Look you dumb STUPID IDIOT. Frog called the RIG bottom on a Saturday, 2 days in advance of the Monday LOW, you PATHETIC IMBECILE.
      called "THE" bottom 2 days in advance on a saturday: Along with the 1st 2 breakouts.
      RIG Play Monday
      by: thefrog007 11/22/03 10:03 am
      Msg: 43099 of 43155

      Seem as though a frog has posted the coming action before:

      by: nostrumc 10/29/03 Msg: 42537
      "It will interesting if RIG trades at 18.50 or so. I would go long just above 18.40 if buyers showed up keeping 18.39 stop loss"
      Re: RIG Play Monday
      by: thefrog007 11/24/03 10:02 am
      Msg: 43115 of 43155

      I was going to post the RT Buy on RIG today, but you pissed me off
      RIG 19.74=BREAKoUT
      by: thefrog007 12/01/03 10:28 am
      Msg: 43283 of 43314
      RIG next breakout
      by: thefrog007 12/04/03 03:16 pm
      Msg: 43352 of 43404


    • again this is all speculatory and not real in investing, your luck in the market may be as Good in Las Vegas and or the track
      happy gambling you fools!
      hope your margin account suits you well, you low class nouve clowns

    • Personally, I don't think either one of you nitwits knows a damn thing about trading or investing. However, I'm willing to provide each of you an opportunity to show us that you do. I think you are both chicken shits and won't accept my challenge but, I'll challenge you anyway, just so others can see you two shit birds squirm.

      Tunin, you said ....

      >>> this board is filled with inept day traders who are home looking at their worthless lotto scratcher tickets,
      what a joke this is, these foolish morons <<<

      Nobody around here that I know of is day trading. You run your mouth without facts. I expect your results match your dimwitted comments. I think you are the moron and I'm going to give you an opportunity to prove otherwise.

      On 11/27, in message #42454, I said ...

      >>> Due to the fact that most of our messages of late, have focused on short term trading, I only allocate a certain percentage of my portfolio to short term trading. More than 50% of my portfolio is used for longer term positions. <<<

      In that message I gave 4 longer term positions that I thought had good potential based on my reading of the charts. They were, GT, NT, RRI and SIRI.

      In less than two months SIRI traded as much as 112% above the close on 11/27. GT as much as 75%, NT as much as 66% and RRI as much as 33%. All in less than two months gentlemen.

      Your challenge ... if you have the balls to accept ... is to find four stocks of your choice to outperform what my four selections did.

      Do you accept my challenge punks? Or are you going to show your coward side and do nothing more here than run your big fucking mouths?

      I crushed Froggie in our competition, I'll crush you gentlemen too, if you have the courage to provide those four picks and allow us to see how they perform over the next two months.

      Ball's in your court.


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