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  • your_mistakes_mean_my_prosperity your_mistakes_mean_my_prosperity Feb 23, 2004 3:50 PM Flag

    I paid $17.75 for ADBE 18 months ago

    Do I look worried?

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    • If you like ADBE, then, you may also want to check out NAKD !

      National Auto Credit, Inc. (NAC) engaged principally in the movie exhibition segment and in July 2003, the Company acquired The Campus Group - which not only strengthen its core business but have added complimental products & services as well.

      Sales & revenues are growing........

    • What are the earning catalysts for this quarter?

      I have been watching this for a week. Little worried about the breakdown on 200 MA.

    • I'm still holding the 37.5 stock...for the moment. I bought some more at 37 and sold it at a loss. Bought some more at 36.5 and sold it at a loss. Then bought some more at 35.83, almost sold it at a loss but got bailed out by the Opp upgrade and ended up slightly to the good on all the trades. A whole lot of Sturm und Drang for very little gain. But, such is the life of a trader. I have a GTC order to sell near $38.5. I'll take that in the short term if I get it. I think the upgrade should hold the stock in place until earnings. I plan to have some exposure here for the earnings release as ADBE is a wildly unpredicatable company in terms of earnings and I think there is upside to the raised estimates. We'll see. I am, however, tempted to sell the stock and move into LEAPs instead. I can take a larger position with less money.

    • It's just the "luck of the draw" that my bid was close to the bottom. Nothing cute about that. ;-) I'm not too concern about missing yesterday's gain. After hitting the lower Bollinger Band on Tuesday, ADBE was either going to bounce back or ricochet and continue a gentle downward trend. Regardless, I still see ADBE trading in the narrow range for the next week. A run-up to $40 will probably occur just in time for their Q1, but I don't think it can be sustained. BTW, did you sell you shares purchased at $37.5?

    • Don't expect it this year. The pill was erased.

    • Check it out. Actually a few posts this morning. Man, this board is a ghost town. What gives? Great company. You'd think there would be more interest.

    • Well, at least you can pick the right levels. But you can't get too cute. I try to find the right levels then add $.25 or so to make sure I get filled.

    • I started nibbling by putting a bid of $35.54 yesterday morning, only to find out I missed it by a penny. I'm not sure if ADBE will come down to that range again in the near term. The closing at $36 is a positive note. Let's see how many days ADBE hover in that range before it starts to climb again.

    • Oh, they're doing more than shaking the trees. They dropped the stock over 10% in the last 5 days. And it's down 25% from the peak in November. It's below where they announced raised guidance. I'd say it's been more like a blood letting.

      Today is a perfect example of why I think we go lower. After going into freefall the last 5 days, the NAZ finally rallies today. ADBE, which has also been in freefall, tries to rally but can't, istead, it collapses to a new 6 month low. It is trying to get back to unchanged but there is no real buying interest. It is now hovering near the old low of 35.78. Every uptick is met with more selling. Bottom line: the stock looks weak. It's not showing signs of a bottoming, at least not any sign that I can see. I hardly think a new 6 month low on the 6th down day in a row is part of a "bottoming" formation. If you want to illuminate me as to why you think it is bottoming, go for it. As far as I can tell, it's still showing signs of a continued sell off. Now, if it surprises me and finishes unchanged or positive on the day, I might change my tune. But for the moment, I'm a broken record on the subject.

    • We will not see 32, but a nice thought. I would buy like crazy. From what I can see 35 is the support, if it touchs 35, I think that is a signal for a strong buy. I have a feeling that we should be seeing an upgrade within the week. Everytime there is an upgrade or some good news, this stock bounces up like a Yo Yo. Right now we are in good territory for a nice runup. If you look at the history of this stock, this stock will run up just as fast as it goes down. Right now I think it is a matter of shaking weak hands out of the play.

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