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  • junkjudy junkjudy Mar 31, 2008 8:44 PM Flag

    Problems with CS3 products

    AT what point will Adobe's continuing failure to fix its problems with CS3 begin to hurt its sales of this so-called professional multi-functional product? the PGC errors which make it impossible to write a Video DVD after much work in creating projects are legendary among users (see the adobe user message boards). Word will get around that CS3 is not ready for prime time on Windows machines. Failure of the company to solve the many erros with "Encore" (the DVD writer) is further evidence that it is not consumer friendly. This reminds me of the early years with Windows 3.0 and Microsoft's arrogance.
    I'm selling ADOBE.

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    • The Encore problem has been around since end of 2006, only 15 months, and still ADOBE has done nothing to solve it. If Reischauer-Japan thinks that a major software company should be given a free ride on its "billions of lines of code" then it's clear he doesn't understand the new digital video world.

      Even Flash needs underlying content, which , guess what, could be developed in other software products.

      To me, the big problem with the un-fixed CS3 bugs is what it says about ADOBE's systems for product development, testing, consumer support, etc. The systems people aren't taking problems seriously if they've let these bugs fester for over a year.

      I've made a lot of money (for a little investor) buying and selling ADOBE in short term. I did that back before digital-video-world was fully developed. Adobe reader/PDF systems are fabulous and relatively bug free, but they've been around forever.

      In the end, to solve my ENCORE non-compos-mentis problem, I paid money to upgrade NERO (a GERMAN COMPANY!) to write a video DVD. Now my Premiere Pro .avi files can be written to my video DVD, but Encore, which should have been able to do it, never did. Will this simple fix, ignoring the ADOBE product and buying a competitor's product, help loosen ADOBE's grip on my loyalty as a consumer? Ubetcha!

    • I was one of those complaining on the Encore Website about how Encore CS3 does not allow me to make a simple DVD and play it in all players. With CS2 I had no problems.

      People should understand that Adobe's lack of fixing their problems in Encore CS3 and their other CS3 products, will lose them a lot of customers (and a lot of money).

      I use Encore to make money for my production company. If Encore does not work, guess what, I will have to find a different DVD program that will (like Sonic), which means any "upgrade" path I choose from Adobe will be without Encore CS3....and less money for them.

      Hmmmm.....I wonder how long it will take for Microsoft's Expression suite to offer DVD authoring applications.

    • I would too if I thought it was a video editing company and didn't realize their business was about 10 times larger. Maybe you should sell it so educated investors can pick up some cheap and make a fortune off of your lack of analysis.

      While you're at it why not sell IBM and buy Sun, aix is useless compared to solaris. Heck you might as well sell HP and buy Dell, since dell still has a share of the consumer market. After that I'd dump GE if I were you, pratt and whitney make much nicer engines.

      How some people actually get the money to buy a stock in the first place is always a source of amazement for me.

    • adobe flash lite will soon be on billions of's not cs3 that they make all there money on...a big part of it is adobe reader and now adobe lite flash for cell phones..lots of them...

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