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  • aardvark_yes_man aardvark_yes_man Jul 31, 2008 6:07 AM Flag

    Oracle buys Adobe?

    This deserves it's own topic:

    I have heard it said that Oracle should buy ADBE as well as rumors that they intend to. I don't believe it, but it is interesting that Bruce Chizen joined the board. Bruce owns alot of ADBE shares, so a buyout would pay him well. Yet, I believe he is a staunch ADBE lover and may not care about the dough. What do you think? What have you heard?

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    • Chizen is a business guy thats all, business guys love money, not business. Much of the adobe old guard have left to start companies over the last decade, a few were pushed out by politics. Thats life at a multi-billion dollar company. Their business is evolving and Chizen wasn't the guy to evolve it. Really strange that people think there's incentive here for either oracle or adobe to do this. To me it sounds like a bunch of people trying to manipulate stock prices, not serious investors at all.

    • Oracle and Adobe have nothing in common. No synergy. It makes no sense for Oracle to buy Adobe.

    • Chizen's "extensive technology industry experience and customer-focused vision will be an asset to Oracle as we move forward with our goal to provide our customers with products and services that will help their businesses grow and prosper," Oracle Chairman Jeffrey O. Henley said in a statement Thursday.

      if that doesn't smell of "please help us buy ADBE, we need your insight" .... hmmmmmmmm

    • going forward, everyone needs ADBE... positive cash flow, earnings and the web .... if it ain't ORCL, then CSCO or GOOG could possibly buy them .....this stock is in play for sure....

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