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  • jonathanpriestley71 jonathanpriestley71 Jan 30, 2012 8:25 PM Flag

    So many are starting to flock to COCO

    Corinthian Colleges stock has recently been the victim of unfair short selling attacks. That is about to be reversed. Read on and you'll see why.
    On 2/1/12 Corinthian Colleges announces much improved earnings! Earnings are expected to be almost 39 per cent higher!
    In reality, it’s becoming very clear that CORINTHIAN COLLEGES will be a huge winner when earnings figures are announced on Wed. 2/1/12
    COCO is expected to beat all projections. COCO stocks should have major gains on much improved earnings.
    Read the internet web postings– ask investors who are investing – they’ll tell you “WE ARE VERY, VERY IMPRESSED WITH COCO AND WE ARE BUYING COCO FOR THE LONG TERM”. So many INVESTORS down at Fidelity and Scott-trade, and all those speculators and all those loyal to COCO they’re buying and will continue to buy COCO shares. Think fellow investors! – It is going to take over twenty-three days of “short-sellers buying back shares of COCO” in the regular stock market, yes! (23 million shorted shares of COCO need to be covered)
    (Yes, those 23,000,000 COCO shorted shares) that are out there have to be bought and covered.
    Breaking news has it that COCO enrollments are up and that students are SERIOUSLY paying their student tuitions and fees and loans in greater enrollment numbers.
    In the case of Corinthian Colleges it is easy to predict next week’s PRICE FOR COCO rallying to $10.00 PER SHARE and higher. We could even see COCO shares stampede to $12.00 per share, and heading even higher.
    Just visit a local Heald College campus, an Everest campus, or a Wyotech facility and you will quickly be impressed by the top quality of the teaching and the enthusiasm of the students. Now remember that next week, on FEBRUARY 1, 2012 COCO earnings are going to be released. When they are released, all the nay-sayers, all those COCO short-sellers, they be crushed by the huge stampede by so many COCO shares-buyers who along with smart speculators they will all drive up COCO’s share price, very fast and very high. Remember, not too long ago COCO SHARES WERE AT ALMOST $20.00 PER SHARE.
    Massive numbers of shorted COCO stock will now have to be turned around and those shorties will be forced to cover their shorts. Remember, those shorties only borrowed COCO shares. Now when COCO’s share price RALLIES RAPIDLY HIGHER THOSE COCO SHORTIES WILL BE FORCED TO COVER, THEY HAVE TO BUY AND COVER, WHILE AT THE SAME TIME THEY’LL BE COMPETING AGAINST REGULAR COCO SHARE BUYERS, INVESTMENT GROUP BUYERS, MANY TRYING TO BUY, AND THAT’S ON TOP OF THOSE MILLIONS WHO HAVE TO BUY AND COVER THEIR COCO SHORTS. Take a little time this week and watch the day-time shows like ‘Steve Wilkos’ and MaurI Povitch – WATCH THE Corinthian Colleges sponsored commercial recruitment ads, and you will see very impressive, fantastic commercials that are eye catching and are drawing in numerous students who are signing up and enrolling in high numbers.
    BTW - Just read that Motley Fools is recommending a buy for COCO. Wow!

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