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  • rags2bags2001 rags2bags2001 May 9, 2013 10:38 PM Flag

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    The challenge for Adobe (and others) will be moving to a monthly fee business model without becoming one of the country's most hated companies. Look at Comcast Cable and Verizon WIreless, everyone hates them because they control a monthly necessity and have horrendous customer service. It is a reputation Adobe and others will have to overcome in order to be successful in the future.

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    • And they're off to a great start with their customer service. On the adobe website, some rep answered a myth with a myth. The presume myth was that price will rise once you're sign on. Not true they say. One of their reason was that competition will drive down prices so rate will decrease not rise. I started thinking if they're so sure monthly rate will decrease in the future, wouldn't they be offering some sort of plan to hedge for the lower rate? For example 5 year plan at $20 a month. So if rate decrease to $15 a month, they would be in the black. Of course theres a 1% chance rate will decrease and 99% it will rise so why bother hedging.

      The other answer they have to a consumer question was monthly payment is the wave of the future. Get used to it, They said you pay your rent monthly, cable bills monthly, monthly lease on your car, house etc.. so why is what they're doing such a concern?

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