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  • finallysomesanity finallysomesanity Jun 20, 2013 9:18 AM Flag

    Why not admit you were wrong?

    I seldom post and will stop again after today for a while, but these shorties are such whiners. Just once I'd like them to admit they were wrong. "Everyone unloading!!" "Half this price in a year." "Will be at $37 by week's end!!" Then the ER comes out, the market pros react favorably (yes, the pros, not these amateur shorts), and what happens? More shorty trolling on steroids, with no comment about how wrong they were. Lack of class, guys, lack of class.

    Everyone and their brother is jumping into this market with both feet (Oracle, SF, SAP, IBM), where Adobe is already THE leader. In fact, in the latest Forrester report, they were the ONLY company listed in the leader category. Troll all you want, and be foolish enough to short all you want, but this is a hot space, Adobe has great products and a solid strategy, and they are executing. Everyone else is playing catch up. Enjoying the ride to new highs but wish the shorts would shut their pie holes for once because they really are looking so foolish with their continued 'sky is falling' nonsense.

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    • the share price is below the pre-earnings close. You have been cheerleading for so long that you don't even realize that you're losing money. Honestly a post as blindly idiotic as yours just makes me want to short more. I know you really really want that 36 cent Q to justify your repeated calls for $50, but its not even close. Massive growth, well beyond what the company is projecting, is priced into this stock .. it has a PEG of 2.7+ .. just keep buying clown and stop asking us to admit were are wrong while the price continues to drop.

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      • Last one until you respond, dope. This is what you posted:

        "$37 by friday

        $22 by year end as PE slips to 10 ($15) plus cash ($7) .. way too much growth priced into this non-growth stock. Light short interest reinforces that its time to walk this one down. Sorry but that is just the way it is."

        You've been shortying for so long that you don't even realize you are losing money. So $22 by year end? Care to bet $250k on it, moron? I'll take your bet tomorrow. Non-growth stock? They did under $3B in revenue just 3 years ago, and last year did just under $4.5B. Yeah, right, no growth there. Nothing to see. Move along. Idiot.

      • And if you want to put your money where your big, uninformed mouth is, I'll bet you a quarter of a mil this stock isn't "half this price in a year". I'll meet you in Vegas and we'll make the bet. You shorties are the ones who keep saying where the stock price will be, so put up or shut up, dip$hit. Waiting on your reply, shorty.

      • Hey moron, show me 1 post where I'm predicting ANY price for this stock. 1 post. You can't because I don't. What I DO do is point out where morons like you and the rest of the shorties predict Armageddon constantly with your shorty idiocy, only to be proven wrong time and again. THAT was the point of my post, but you're too blinded by your shorty dogma to understand. You are typing so I assume you can read, so stop looking like a dip$hit and actually READ the post before replying. I know -what a concept, actually taking INPUT before spewing your usual shorty garbage.

        BTW shorty, the stock is up 4% since your post of last week (ie, above the earnings close price). You said last week you "want to short more"? I hope you did, and I hope it was a bundle (though you likely have lost so much in your shorty rage over the last 6 months that you're broke, and you're clearly bitter). Go ahead and keep right on doing it. I have no idea what this stock is going to do in the near term so I don't prognosticate. You may want to follow the example, genius. Enjoy covering your latest shorty bets.

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