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  • stockvalueinvestor stockvalueinvestor Sep 27, 1999 6:25 PM Flag

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    • This article came in "Tech stock investing made
      easy" october 1999 edition.

      The article named
      "The next Microsoft" written by Richard

      Eventhough the article makes you think Macromedia or Adobe
      due to the Web related, Graphics etc stuff, but
      forsure it's ADOBE, because they gave a clue with PDF.
      Check the following paragraph from that

      After a vigorous R&D, it seems this company
      leaped about a decade ahead in the developement of
      something called Portable Document Files (PDF).

      all know ADOBE ACROBAT,(which reads PDF files)
      Macromedia did not have anything similar to this.

      AAAAAAADDDDDDDDOOOOOOOBBBBBBBBBEEEEEEEEE. It will change your life to Colorful Graphics.




      MANC is currently trading
      at GROUND FLOOR levels. In fact, at the current
      price...MANC is way under book value. I see absolutely no
      downside risk at these prices, and huge upside potential.
      MANC has a ton of cash, and no debt. The float is
      small...MANC will run fast.

      Nobody knows about MANC
      yet, but as the word gets out...MANC is going to TAKE

      Last quarter...EPS and sales reached RECORD HIGHS. If
      you give MANC the industry average PE ratio of 60,
      this will be a $20+ stock. That is a hell of a lot
      higher than the current price of $3

      Management feels that their stock is extremely undervalued,
      and are in the process of buying back shares. MANC
      has hired a good PR firm...and is going to be doing
      everything possible to increase shareholder value, and get
      the stock price up to where it belongs.

      is one of the leading players in the industry.
      Recently, MANC has opened up 2 huge e-commerce websites
      which are being advertised through commercials on CNBC.
      The sites...MARKETPLACE4U and E-MANCHESTER, are
      making MANC millions in revenues.

      MANC is showing
      increasing volume as of late. I expect MANC to make a major
      breakout and run within the upcoming days/weeks. This is
      probably the last chance for us all to accumulate shares
      under $10.

      Sales reached $229 million last year.
      Companies that are trading at much higher market caps than
      MANC...such as Egghead, Beyond, and Outpost...etc, only WISH
      that they will someday make as much money as

      Trust me...MANC is probably a once in a lifetime
      opportunity. The smart people know that this stock will be
      huge. The shorts are starting to become very scared.
      You will be hearing about MANC everywhere pretty
      soon. The best time to buy is before things start to
      happen. I plan on retiring on this stock.

      Be sure
      to take the time to do your research on MANC. Don't
      miss out, or you will certainly regret it!!!!

    • Gotta love the institutional selling dip that
      evaporates after OCT 31st.
      we seem to be holding up

      p.s. With a Dell and Intc Earnings
      warning we should see some heavy selling and possibly
      even a crash. Oh what fun, if you own the best stocks
      they can't stay down for long, that's why bear markets
      only last 3-9 months from start of down move off of
      old high to final low and start of the rebound. On
      the news they said we are 45 days into it so only a
      few weeks to go and off the the races.
      Have fun,
      some stocks still move higher in a bear market like
      MSFT did through the 87 crash.

    • Hi.

      I am from the MACR list and wanted to
      request that someone go over to the MACR list and check
      out a comment by one of our gang (message 6493). In
      short, someone quotes a magazine that tells of a company
      that will be the next Microsoft, quadruple, yada,
      yada. Some of us thought the description fit
      Macromedia, but others think that it sounds like Adobe. The
      description sounds like Adobe to me and others, but it would
      be helpful for someone more familiar with Adobe to
      check it out. The list is mostly cordial and friendly,
      so any gracious comments would be

      Love Adobe's products. Love Macromedia's

      Good luck in the market.

    • First of all, do NOT base your decision on
      anything you read from this messge board. That being said,
      I think anywhere between 105 to 120 is a good
      point. Stock may go up or down a few points every day.
      But if you think it will go much higher in the next
      couple of years, you need to jump in at some point.
      Sometimes waiting for one more point will cause you to miss
      a really good run.

      The effect of all this
      internet craze is the mushrooming effect of all the web
      sites/pages. They will have to made by someone. That means
      lots of copies of ADBE's software bing sold. PE is a
      bit high, but as long as they can keep up the growth
      it (PE ratio) will not go down.

      Seldom Blue

    • Any opinions on a good entry point for ADBE. I am
      a commercial editor and I use their products quite
      often (although not Premiere as you might think). It
      seems they have the corner on the graphics market. Who
      is their major competition for applications such as
      Photoshop and After-Effects, or do they even have one?
      Their PE is at 39 right now. Is that high/low/about
      average for ADBE? Sorry for all the questions, but ready
      to jump in very soon and always like to consult the

      OT - Regarding toy stocks, I follow many
      of them, mostly in the videgame industry. This is
      the period in which they usually like to run (from
      Oct to Feb). I own AKLM (Acclaim) and am looking at
      THQI and ATVI (activision), although THQI is pretty
      richly valued right now. Obviously, avoid Mattel. I
      think the dead cat has already bounced.


    • Looks like the channel gap breakout a few days
      ago was caused by those "in the know" about the
      Shop@AOL marketplace deal prior to yesterday's
      announcement of the before mentioned agreement. However, as is
      the nature of the market, we got the proto-typical
      "sell on the news" scenario. I will await a pullback to
      $10 and probably enter for a Xmas play.

      are always a big Christmas thing. ETYS is way too
      risky for me and has rebounded far too high for my
      liking. KIDE, well I won't go there, knew about the
      company long before Pokeman steamrolled through the
      country and dismissed it as hype. Bad move. MAT is
      struggling, TOY could be a play but they have problems of
      their own. ZANY is interesting but doesn't utilize
      e-commerce yet. However, its coming soon later this month.
      If you find anything that looks good, give me a


    • I did a quick check on SHRP. Numbers look real
      good. Low float. Christmas is coming up. Internet sales
      growing at a rapid pace. I think there probably will be
      good runs.

      As for myself, I am not a fan of
      specialty retail. I do not understand retail, especially
      specialty stuff. I cannot see how they can predict(with
      consistancy) the trend and make money on it. Probably because
      I am a terrible customer. I am too practical to buy
      any of these stuff. The only retail stock I own is
      Home Depot and Walmart. Nothing exciting, but I
      understand their model.

      I think toys will be a big
      e-Christmas thing. I am looking at some toy stocks to see if
      any of them would benefit from selling on the
      internet. Let me know what you think.

      Seldom Blue

    • Ditto on MACR, but just a little nibble much to
      my chagrin. Wow! What a day.

      The ADBE board
      is the most sane Yahoo board I have visited. No
      bashing and all the other bull that most boards are
      filled with. Just informed investors exchanging good
      information. It equals (and sometimes exceeds) the caliber of
      information normally reserved to the SI boards.

      luck to you. I'm still looking for one e-commerce play
      this Christmas season. I prefer someone with a small
      float and profitability. Not very many fit the bill.
      However, SHRP looks interesting. Looks like its beginning
      a breakout from its channel. What do you think


    • I check out MACR and liked what I saw. Bought at
      47.5 at the open. It is now 55! Great

      Also long ADBE. Both should do well as web publishing
      is going to be as big as desktop

      Seldom Blue

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