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  • kingfarouk8 kingfarouk8 May 14, 2013 9:12 PM Flag

    Today's presentation at BOA-Merrill,Lynch Health Care Conference.

    Does anybody have any idea if anything important was said at the Coronado presentation today? It was scheduled for about 5:20 eastern time.

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    • Oh and I have to say again that I thought Harlan's comment was very meaningful where at the CC he said he was very encouraged by the substantial number of Crohn's trial participants that chose to continue into the elective phase of the trial. He wouldn't disclose the numbers but clearly he knew them and doubtful he would say that if he didn't really deem it significant. We have to remember that the CDAI is a rather subjective (albeit totally accepted) way to measure efficacy. (ie; is my stool hard or soft today, how many times did i feel abdominal pain today etc). It is a leap, but not an olympic one, to say that if a great many of the participants chose to continue, then they are feeling good with the TSO. Of course the devil's advocate counter argument would be that any number of participants could feel no benefit, but still want to continue since they could be taking placebo, and want to see if the TSO works in the elective phase (everyone in extended phase truly gets the TSO). However, since Harlan knows the full equation as set forth above, and thought the "substantial" number was very "encouraging", then one might deduce that the number of participants choosing to continue was extremely high. At the very least, it is indicative of zero or minimal side effects in terms of discomfort of the participants who chose to continue.

    • Don't see it anywhere. Usually they record a biocast for the website. The fact that they didn't probably means that there was nothing new. Makes sense bc Harlan just spoke a week ago at the CC.

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