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  • nyjohnnygrey nyjohnnygrey Aug 30, 2013 3:31 PM Flag

    Tallbarr has been posting to Mikey on the QCOR board


    So I decided to post about Mikey and CNDO history here. If you have any doubts about my integer entity, read carefully through my history of posts.

    Mikey is a leader of the QCOR board, an expert researcher on many levels, and an excellent swing trader as well as long term investor. This isn't opinion. If you go through his posts, you will see he has been correct time and time again. He gets intense - but that intensity gives him the drive to do the amazing amount of research and analysis he can do in a brief time.

    While QCOR was under short attack earlier this year, the shorts tried to create fear by saying that QCOR would become obsolete because CNDO had a worm therapy that would replace it. MIkey researched. His DD convinced him that the worm therapy would not work. If he is here shorting your stock, I would be concerned. He wouldn't openly short unless he were positive he is correct.

    I find that when I fail to follow his ideas, I lose money, or fail to gain money that could have been mine for that taking.

    I have not researched CNDO. For the record, I know that worms can be beneficial in the body, depending on the person and the worm and the illness. But I trust Mikey's research and only Doublecheck it in stocks where I will invest for growth.

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    • This looks like one cooky alias supporting another.

    • I don't know who mikey is. Is this post his?
      I'm comically amazed at the responses and comments about CNDO on SA, YMB, MF, etc.

      Seems the longs don't even understand basic healthcare. Saw one author refute a claim that the worms could be 'infectious' to others living in the same house, if you aren't careful when taking your spoonful and you spill it. Ummm.., yes a larvae sitting on a counter can then be ingested by someone else. Cripes don't go to their house for dinner, they probably toss the salad on the same counter they prepped the raw chicken on without washing it first. LOL

      That's just one example. The longs in CNDO seem to be the most uneducated bunch I've run across. Not saying those worms won't get to market BUT I am saying I won't go near anyone taking them. They won't just have worm larvae all over the place, their natural intestinal flora will be disrupted and they'll have other infections.
      I should say you might want to consider change a leader to follow. He might not be as knowledgeable as you think.

    • so what you think johnny-sincere question-are you just as convinced as you were before that your hero is not a psycho and/or habitual liar? Seems like your own board starting to have its doubts. 2nd sincere question-I bought some November 70 Q calls. Mistake or not? Apologies in advance for posting here but I do not ever want to be accused by the ignored Mr. Psycho of posting on the Q board (btw contrary to Mr. Psycho those Q shorts that used to post on the Q board about cndo NEVER were posters on the CNDO board).

    • oh-I should add that I have no opinion on whether CNDO's TSO is a threat to acthar, and don't really care.

    • NY jonny-Tallbar is not a poster on this board. The first time ever is today. The only crossover has been your own mikey to our board. He came here with childish taunts chanting "worms worms" and things of that nature. A more cl#$%$less fellow I have not come across. I can tell you that your vouches for mikey are severely misplaced. He no doubt spends countless hours researching QCOR and I can't question his value to that board. What I can tell you is that he has not done any DD on CNDO. You guys over there feed his ego and he wants to have the answers and he gives them whether he has them or not. In fact the nonsense he spews about CNDO is beyond absurd. The guy strikes me as a habitual liar and a bit of a psycho. Seriously i would hate to be his shrink. He was asked (by others)for authority for his ridiculous safety #$%$ertions re CNDO and had none. I can #$%$ure you I have thoroughly read EVERY single medical article and study re CNDO and the stuff he comes up with is strictly made up in his own average sized brain. It does not even come close to any safety data that exists anywhere, nor does it logically flow from anything currently known about TSO. I had myself pointed out that his taunts on this board relating to his predictions for the CNDO stock price were all outright lies. (I had read them both here and on the QCOR board). The guy is bad news. Again, I get it he does free research for you guys over there and he is a psycho who lives his life and derives his self worth through a YMB, so it is a symbiotic relationship. My advice is to continue to use his sorry #$%$ but if you are truly a man of honor, and I do not doubt that you are, my advice to you is that your support for the character of this fellow is deeply misplaced.

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