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    Announced Initiation of Investigator initiated study for Pediatric Autism patients. So NOT totally dropping TSO. I had predicted favorable results in pilot autism trial and this could signal they have more encouraging data on that beyond what has been announced. One could speculate that strong results in the soon to be finished tiny pilot trial could pop the PPS in the short term. Dr. Hollander's trial is a crossover study so the patients are supposedly blinded. While I DO BELIEVE TSO will show efficacy for a portion of the autistic population, there is the spector of unblinding in Hollander's trial bc the gastro symptoms might tell the patient whether they were taking the TSO or placebo.... This is a tough decision whether to get back in. Also makes me wonder that if CNDO not ending TSO research, and you have to worry about supplying the TSO anyway, why not proceed with the new psoriasis trial, which is the only trial that can really be done quickly (less than a year from start of enrollment to completion).

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    • No. Sooner or later, if they continue TSO research, I expect i will be back in. It will probably be later rather than sooner, but I really have to see how some imminent things (psoriasis and MS) unfold to be sure.

    • Two major differences need to be heeded: 1) age, that's good, kids should be the main focus; 2) no specific allergy or parental allergy inclusion criteria as Hollander's. Will this general population open a bigger market, or decrease the efficacy statsig?

    • Finally, this long expected trial has started. Every time you search TSO in clinicaltrials, it pops up at first position. I actually emailed Itai one year ago asking if the trial was running, and got no response. Seems Hollander's trial result gave him the courage to continue.

    • So at this point, which TSO studies are still in progress for CNDO? Crohn's/UC the plug's been pulled. Is psoriasis dead as well? What about MS?

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      • No. Sooner or later, if they continue TSO research, I expect i will be back in. It will probably be later rather than sooner, but I really have to see how some imminent things (psoriasis and MS) unfold to be sure.

      • Matt-UC is ongoing but CNDO is not paying for that trial they only supply the TSO and it won't read out until late 2016 to 2017 and IMO chances of success are slim bc you will have same placebo issues that caused the Crohns trial to fail.

      • MS is completed I posted info to find the abstract (it was 90% done at time)and release final results in couple weeks (i think it is on 4-27) at the AAN conference. Psoriasis trial could start but not recruiting. I spoke to IR before i sold and got strong impression that they were not impressed enough with MS or psoriasis to continue, BUT now I am questioning whether they decided to change course.
        As for Q about me being back in answer is not yet and i would keep in mind that good autism results from Hollander, which I expected and now highly expect, might pop the stock but then shorts will bring it down again because you might be waiting 1 or more years for your next TSO catalyst. Unless they decide to spin the MS results as a positive, but they have already had plenty of time to do that since the abstract was released, and have said nothing about the MS results at all. Meanwhile they previously did press release re "encouraging" interim results for psoriasis, but then IR admitted to me that they had more non-public interim info on that (obviously they couldnt tell me what that info was), and could but had not yet started the psoriasis trial.
        I'm a little confused, conflicted, and surprised that they would not make a blanket decision to either go ahead with TSO for multiple indications, or none at let's see what happens next...

    • Does that mean you're back in?

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