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  • symptoms88 symptoms88 Apr 14, 2014 10:07 PM Flag

    new 8-K

    very interesting-one day I will make another big bet on this company. Crohn's result was unfortunate. How do you prove SS in face of 42% placebo response? 56% of severe cases still felt better. (likely consistent with results from Humira/Remicade ie; best selling drugs in world.). Focus now on "objective" measures of disease. Notably though, no mention of psoriasis or MS. so those are dead along with IBDs. Long long road ahead but TSO will have its day. I could make short term PPS predictions, but don't care to. Too many shorts to undermine any short term gains that might come say...tomorrow, or after autism pilot results come in couple months.

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    • Too big egos of the new management. That's my feeling after reading the 8-K. They realized that they made a big mistake, but they don't want to admit it. That's why they don't even want to make a press release about TRUST-1 result and point out some positives to the public. I am still worried they will use the limited fund to buy some in-research products and devest TSO.
      Rosenwald, you were wrong firing Dr. Weisman, please don't try to cover that mistake with more mistakes at cost of your investors.

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      • SL-they kinda did point out the positive (56% versus 42% is pretty strong.) They left out the negative which i believe is that the lower CDAI's showed no efficacy above placebo. Yeah they F'ed up by losing Weisman but it went along with their new business plan, which they likely told Harlan might not include TSO. I don't think that sat well with Harlan-he also was in it for the TSO. You are right to be worried that they will use funds to acquire and invest in other stuff. They flat out say that is exactly what they plan to do. Still, looks like TSO for autism is a go, and it is definitely worth following for a possible real big payday someday (the public is eons behind in understanding that the TSO pretty clearly enhances the immune system-even the MS trial abstract with biomarkers clearly shows that, even though the MS results not strong enough to invest years into further MS trials). Bottom line is TSO is years away for autism, but I for one am not forgetting what I have learned and will be ready to pounce way before the public some day, even if fundamentally it is a few years away from being investable again...
        GLTA who are still in. I still think you will all get a pop (albeit short-lived) when Hollander releases his autism results.

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