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  • naga00 naga00 Dec 8, 2009 11:30 AM Flag

    with today's little deal we have not breached 400,000,00.00

    - the deal today was 3.4 million with 3.4 million warrants good for only 90 days at a buck-- assume 6.8 million for this deal puts us at around 401,000,000.00 with aroun 16 days left of 09-- still believe that 500,000,000.00 is on the plate and maybe more--I have us at around .32 for the before merchant banking and sale of any molecules.
    with around .51 for the nine and todate around .32 for the 4th --estimating around .83 or 4X 09 numbers- very little risk at current levels for any downside unless Israel does the anticipated job!
    We all know Obama is collecting his nobel for doing nothing and pandering the libs on afgan and climate bull and healthcare!
    Only 3 years left of the really bad dream
    Happy Holiday--- Am I still allowed to say that without affending some Muslim terrorists?

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    • Yes, Obama is pandering to the "libs" by escalating a war supported mostly by regressives. From Fox news (because I know you only trust them):

      "...Quinnipac has measured a rise in Democratic support for the war from 58-31 to a 46 percent split. Republican support climbed from 68 percent support to 71 percent."...

      That climate "bull" you speak of is supported by:

      National Academy of Sciences, United States of America
      Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
      Royal Society, United Kingdom
      Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
      Academia Brasiliera de Ciências, Brazil
      Royal Society of Canada, Canada
      Academié des Sciences, France
      Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher, Germany
      Indian National Science Academy, India
      Accademia dei Lincei, Italy
      Science Council of Japan, Japan

      Lastly, the health insurance bill pushed by the congress is a gift to corporate insurance and will deliver them 40 million new customers. Ronald Reagan couldn't have pulled this coup off in his wildest dreams. Every progressive I communicate with is strongly opposed and wants a not-for-profit single payer system as they have in EVERY SINGLE Western country in the world.

      Turn off Limbaugh, you're repeating nonsense and being played for a dupe.

      • 1 Reply to waytoogoodforwords
      • waytoogood- you are a defect! you want the government to control healthcare - you sir must be nuts! the gov cannot do anything right!

        Do you know that the car for clunkers -- the dealers still have not been paid!

        Tell us one thing that the gov does well at except tax us to death and waste most of it on pork!

        Your Obama has zero experience as the President- he never had a job in his worthless life-- He most likely never even owned a stock!

        He has alway been too busy taking from the rich and successful small business owner!

        He hates the military, Capitalism, and everything that has made this country great! Just look at the people that has befriended and placed in high office.

        Climate change is a hoax and 1000 emails have concluded the fact! You sir most likely are a young man that has little clue when it comes to how America became the Greatest Country in the World! You most likely hate the freedoms that you sir take for granted!

        A brainwashed liberal that is still using trainer wheels on his little lawnmotor Prius!

        Government run healthcare would kill off the population and Cap and Trade would turn us into a country that could not compete!

        The UN is a worth organization- rem-- Oil for Food for 8 year under the Clinton admin-- Please sir sell your rodm and leave this thread-

        you have been placed on ignore-- a death that is even to good for your empty worthless skull

    • Those numbers are close to what I am seeing in Daily Graphs.If we get over .42 in 4th, it would really look good in terms of sequential growth, q over q. Problem with the earnings, you can't project them, so P/E is going to suffer.

    • Naga, you said
      "Happy Holiday--- Am I still allowed to say that without affending some Muslim terrorists? "

      Saying "happy holidays" is pandering to them.
      We shouldn't be afraid of these beasts and the liberals, so let's say it correctly,
      "Wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah"

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