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  • discountbrains discountbrains Jul 26, 2011 11:30 AM Flag

    Why aren't others seeing what I see?

    I repeat a quote from a PC magazine:

    Himax's innovative 2D to 3D conversion solution, first of its kind utilizing human visual perception characteristics, can be applied to TVs, Notebook PCs, monitors, digital photo frames, digital cameras, projectors, cell phones, STBs and game consoles. The resulting abundant and high quality 3D content will be one of the catalysts triggering wide adoption of 3D displays, devices, and applications.

    No glasses needed!

    Why will people want 3D?

    looking at topographical maps, looking at houses or an address as if you were actually there, looking at new cars or whatever as they look in real life. And, why not taking a virtual tour through a house? It might be helpful for graphic design and engineering. People could view their family members and friends as if they were actually there with them!

    I was given some stock in HiFn during the dotcom boom who had put an algorithm for encryption/decrypt on a single chip to be used in routers. The stock opened on the market at $21. and 4 months later was at $151/sh.! I didn't hold it nearly that long. But, how many of these routers are in use? This Himax chip could be in 10s of millions of computers, phones etc.!!


    Can anyone see how popular this will become?
    Am I wrong in thinking the stock price will explode?!!

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