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  • discountbrains discountbrains Jan 29, 2013 6:19 PM Flag

    Oh well, this is not what I like to see

    That's a 13% drop in 2 days and maybe even a 15% drop in 3 or 4 days-not that much because the overall drop was a less % of a higher stock price. ANYWAY, look at it this way: the stock went from $2. to over $3. in the last several weeks. That is about a 60% gain! So, if it falls 15% that's not so bad in comparison.

    Will those who have sold now be sorry? I don't know. I have a collection of stock charts going back many years and I have seen many times where small cap stocks have been $1./sh and within a year reached $15./sh or more and this was at different time periods in history. That is, it wasn't all in one unusual good period. People have been fed the same WRONG propaganda for years that all stocks should behave like the big old stodgy names. Do these people know that the CEO of RFMD said only 7% of the smartphone market is in the US and by far the most growth is in China and Asia which people in the US don't even know about? I believe Hauwei is one of HIMX's biggest customers and surprised everyone by coming in 3rd place in the size of smartphone makers!

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    • If we truely believe in this company, and believe it will go up from here, then this just represents a buying opportunity. The lower the better to buy more shares to add to our positions.

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      • HIMX is way way undervalued IMHO. Not even near Wall Streets radar screen. HIMX forward PE is 8 Price to Book 1.09 and Price to sales .63. This for a technology company. Now Revenue is 716M and 105M float shares. It will not take much to move this stock but it will take a great earnings number to wake up Wall Street IMHO. Does anyone know what the average Price to book number is for this industry? Then apply that number to HIMX and see the room to grow. The China market is huge. So here we sit with a China play without investing in China, IMHO this is an interesting play for the next two to three years at least. If the numbers come through this year we could see 4-7 IMHO, just a guess on my part.

    • dollars2come Jan 29, 2013 6:47 PM Flag

      Down on no news. Either a leak in a bad earnings report due out Feb 7th or just profit taking. I agree, it is not what I want to see. However, I've watched stocks more often than not do this very thing just to turn around and sky-rocket to the moon. I'm holding!

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      • I'm not buying the news of a leak of bad earnings. Of course that could happen, but first of all, there is a very low probability of this. There is a broad range of investors. Some would have a fairly large position in a stock without even knowing why they should own it; they just bought it on advice of others. People have started rumors in the markets for 100's of years to influence others gullible enough to believe them. Someone could have started a rumor of what you said. Daily behavior could be due to any number of reasons.

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      • It needs to hold here at 2.60 otherwise all the way down to 2.25...if it does we have a shot at high 3's or low 4's for now... Hope has turned into Pray !

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