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  • gollywogazoo gollywogazoo May 7, 2013 11:33 AM Flag

    time to take a vacation from this message board...

    turn off the stock quotes & let the company's fundamentals do the talking. See ya next quarter at $12 a share.

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    • Agree completely as HIMX has great fundementals and gave excellent guidance. See my Topic on the Next Price Drivers for HIMX as the company is on pace to do great things. There will be short term volitility with the day traders. But, as I mention in my posting, there are too many good things happening with HIMX which also has great fundementals.

      And, these great fundementals and excellent business (both current and prospects) will start to be presented at the Investor's Conferences in two weeks. So, watch out shorts and recognize that they big guys are still coming.

      Look at HIMX price action in mid-Feb 2013 when HIMX presented at several investor's converences. And, some of the smart funds actually start looking and buying companies before the conferences.

      HIMX will do 4 investor's converences in the USA and then 1 in Hong Kong starting on May 20th. So, the pre-conference buying may start at any time. With the great earnings and guidance, HIMX is a screaming buy.

      Building inventory for sale this quarter will really help margins. And, when companies raise guidance, they generally raise it only enough so they can still beat it. So, look for a beat in 2Q 2013.....and so they can prove to the investors they present to that they can beat.

      But, for the next week or so, HIMX will be volitile. I am enjoying the action but I am a holder since $1.90 and looking for double digits before I even think about selling.

      By the way, look at the past earnings announcements. It dropped to $2.70 in FEb 2013 after their 4Q & FY 2012 where I made my last buy. What a great deal and buy that was also.

    • 888karma May 7, 2013 11:37 AM Flag

      couldn't of said it better. All the day day trading will even out, himx is set for the next few quarters. Too many chicken littles out there.

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