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  • So, Innulux is done,almost, big picture is in. Himx is 99.9% in Glass. Dividends way up. HOUSEHOLD NAME is investment firms mantra. Buy rating from several analysts. Beat the street for seveal Q's with earnings projections way up. Debt low, cash high. 1200 payents. Low PE. All looks great except today. This should have flown off the charts.

    WHAT am I missing?

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    • Are your looking at the DOW? Market correction duh 5-10%, that is what you are missing lol,

    • dollars2come Jun 17, 2013 8:24 PM Flag

      I for one think that after you have a correction like HIMX just had, you need a few weeks of consolidation. I'm still not convinced the bottom is in. The technical indicators I use says its not. Today's little pop was certainly from the SA news. AH had some large buys and up a few cents, (0.07) but I agree with you, if it was ready to fly, today was the day it should have done so. With all of that speculation and guessing, I have one question for the board--why don't HIMX just report the fact it is making the glass for Google? Now I know someone from HIMX reads this board and watches the news from good ole SA. Why don't they eliminate the speculation? Why is it they allow this doubt to continue? Why? Another guess I have. I think they are making the glass for Google on a trial basis and don't have a committed contract yet. I think Google may have several companies that can achieve their needs and have not award any one company a firm contract yet. Just a guess. There is a strong reason HIMX does not personally announce they have a contract with Google. Why?

    • Just the damage has been too great in stock price, so that people are cautious about investing in this stock. I also observe that the share holders of this stock do not hold their stocks. The selling force always mars any increase in the stock price. Look at the performence of this stock today despite of several good news. Hope it goes back around $8 without nonsense.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Google glass sales projection are about 10 million in 2016 ... So it is more hope than real income now

      Also, $100m of sideline money went to work (by paying immulix) .. It takes some time to replenish this

      So, $5.5 is reasonable holding until next earnings call in August

      Unless, hype on google glass picks up steam ..

      2014 eps is around 0.65 which gives it forward p/e of About 8 .. With growth in this segment. It should be about 25

    • From what I can see there was selling pressure based on looking at money flow early in the morning, then late morning it changed dramatically to positive money flow. I would think it will continue its rise tomorrow based on the money flow. Personally, I don’t think the people invested in HIMAX care about the dividend so not surprised that didn’t move the stock much. When they do a release on a company they are working with that is different than GOOG, watch this stock take off.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • If this stock would have flown off the charts today, i would have been suspicious!! lol. I would rather see it go up slowly. If it goes up real fast, ill be tempted to sell right away!

    • masonma Jun 17, 2013 6:13 PM Flag

      I was thinking the same thing. However, this was up almost 5% compared to the markets ~0.7%. Just be patient.

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