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  • pizzaman213 pizzaman213 Jul 8, 2013 9:51 PM Flag


    I've turned some savy friends of mine onto this stock at 6.60. I thought they would buy and hold. They want to take me out to dinner at a 5 star restaurant. They shorted big bucks and made 6 figures. I am so disgusted as to my methods. I need to get therapy. They explained why. It was so simple. Innulux dumps 25 mil. shares with no buyers and inside ifo. as to where this co. is going. Innolux was overjoyed with 5.25 a share. That simple. They said the meager growth and unsubstantiated rumors left them with the perfect stock to short. DUUUUUH. When will I learn?

    Now I have to re-think a major investment in my portfolio. I'm in for $400,000 at 6.25. per share. This is scary. Right now I'm feeling this is all hype on Himx's part and they are truly a 3-4 $ stock.

    I look at what 2nd. Q. might bring ,maybe .03 over the street. With all lip service as to the future by management. Like last quarter. So, what will this do to the stock price ? 3-5% bringing it to 5.60-5.70 till 3rd. q. earnings.

    Oppenheimer did not say why this would be a household name. Certainly investment households will see the down side tragedy of it all.

    Somebody prove me wrong. Please.

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