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  • gollywogazoo gollywogazoo Aug 14, 2013 11:29 AM Flag

    HIMX seems to be one of the easiest stocks to manipulate on a daily basis. Bid it way up...then run it back down (at will).

    curious as to who are the major market makers in this equity: Simply doesn't pass the smell test IMO.

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    • I think the reason behind the daily up and down is that many investors simply have ambiguous attitudes about HIMX.

      While HIMX has been doing well this year, it is still rather new on the radar so there is still room for some investors to fear that the gain is short lived, therefore prompting the rise and down we have been seeing. If today's earning report could beat estimate like it did last quarter that should give HIMX a strong ground to hold its gain. The article "Himax Technologies Earnings Preview: Get Ahead of the Analysts" on HIMX's Yahoo summary page makes a good case why traders right now seem to be in a wait and see mode.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • its not manipulation. its idiots reading articles by idiots and buying the hype they just read while the professionals take their REALLY easy money from them by selling the hype. until you get that really simple point, if you're a short term trader, you will be a donator.

    • Difficult to prove manipulation. The share price all comes down to supply and demand or buys and sells.

      As I have tried to tell everyone, the institutions are buying through the Market Makers as they don't pay anyone to buy 100 shares here and 500 shares there. The Market Makers can accomulate shares as they watch the orders and they can scoup them up..............and they see the stop and limit orders.

      So, there just is not enough retail buying power to force the Market Makers to buy as they are patient and make a market all day long.

      But, this is not manipulation as they are only doing their job...........making a market and providing liquidity. No one forces anyone to place an order and the Market Makers are just filling orders..............and that can (and should) include buying from each other.

      Everyone should spend some time researching Market Maker tactics so you can learn how others in this market operate. Google things like Market Maker tactics and read.

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      • kneshevich Aug 14, 2013 11:56 AM Flag

        Haschultz, keep plugging away! I'm kind of upset my stock is only up 35% in two months. ;p As I said yesterday, expect this stock to move late into the day and today and tomorrow for sure. By that time investors will have news. As pointed out by a nameless basher, Tesla actually plummeted before earnings a quarter ago. He was speaking the truth. It was everybody covering. The next day the stock had a major jump as investors rushed back into the stock. 3 or 4% today would be very welcome for Himax. That would be showing a lot of confidence in their report.

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