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  • southbeachtrader southbeachtrader Oct 4, 2013 10:42 AM Flag

    Thanks NYPD,Hschultz,Sbacchus and more....we've made a ton of money ! Im officially out of HIMX and into IAG

    We've all made a ton and I want to lock in profits bc we all know obama and his people are going to cause some sort of market decline bc we all know they won't resolve this debt ceiling issue in a timely fashion, maybe they will but I feel obama wants to punish the rich so a default and market decline would be his plan.

    We all have been in HIMX since $5 or less and I think it should go higher, just here in the short term who knows what happens, so tired of one crisis to the next:fiscal cliff,sequester,syrian war,obamacare,shutdown,debt ceiling ugh.

    I bought IAG the high was $16.88 10 months ago, its $4.55 now, big gold miner w/ 5.40% dividend it may interest some of you since we all have the same investing style! google a piece from forbes yesterday, its selling for about half of book value and of course the ever rising debt will send gold prices back up. I think IAG now is like buying HIMX at $3 a few months ago, a easy 3-4 bagger.

    I've had fun guys, ill prob be on the IAG board, hope some of you come over!

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    • Great pick if you're long gold - I held it for a short period 2 months ago and made some money on it. Check out Silvercrest Mines - low cost producer with a great P/E even at current silver prices and it will jump if their bigger mine proves itself. Nice thing about these stocks is that they can do better with low investor confidence making them a hedge for tech and other stocks

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      • I should mention that Silvercrest is currently producing more gold than silver for the short term, even though the name implies its a silver play - I decided to go with Silvercrest to bet on gold and First Majestic for silver - although I also wanted IAG as well, I felt overly invested in precious metals, so I sold IAG and bought more tech stocks. I've learned that precious metal prices seem heavily manipulated so you cannot predict their behavior in the short term - you can't say for certain what taper or debt ceiling or gov shutdown will do for precious metals - everyday there are 10 articles trying to explain price movements and trying to correlate it, but in the end you just have to buy low and be patient... I firmly believe I will double my investment there, but the timeline is unpredictable - might take one year or might take three...but it will happen.

    • Who cares dullard... just shut your foolish piehole... lol

    • Good luck to you.. Long and Strong!

    • Hey Southbeach,

      You could have gotten $1.40 for the March 2013 $14 calls. That would have gotten you 12.7% downside protection and perhaps 40% upside in 5-1/2 months. I hope your IAG does that well.......but it probably is not giving you any downside protection.

      HIMX is manufacturing over 800,000 LCoS displays a month now (or soon will be). There is just too much upside here to just sell. When I do go, I will be selling covered calls and grabbing the last 40% on my way out.

      But, thanks for the shoutout. Look me up if you find something with even 25% of the potential of HIMX. I am in GTAT (more than doubled but a tough read where it is headed), TQNT (which I think has 20%/year at least) and IMOS (in with March options which could do very well going forward) and MU (hard to call as earnings are out next week).

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      • Let me get this straight. IAG, which has a lot of overhead resistance because people have been losing money on this stock all year (and also the last 3 months) and would like to sell into any chance to break even is now your big buying prospect? Plus, as we enter the last quarter of the year, people will sell their 2013 losers (look at IAG's chart) for tax purposes against their 2013 winners. Are you sure you aren't SHORTING IAG now to make money? Just asking. You want another trade, okay, but to clean up an old saying, I wouldn't buy IAG with your money.

      • I couldn't help but get back in at $9.55 on monday......the thing is I bought originally when the price went down when cramer said sell......well now cramer said buy and he thinks shares are worth $13-14.....that's my cue to go.....when cramer says buy he usually is shorting. I've learned my lesson from him

        What are you talking about bacchus? you're a weird one.....

        HAschultz....look at the debt we're piling on and ask yourself how will the US escape devaluing the US dollar, IAG is a gold miner its not hard to see they mine for $1100/oz and when gold was $1900 they were making $800/oz today they make $200/oz. We'll see what happens in 2 weeks but if we default gold will rise on a weaker dollar......if we raise the debt ceiling gold will rise like it did the day we announced no taper.

        I think IAG has bigger upside than HIMX from here....HIMX isn't going to $33 next year, Iag could easily go to $13-15 if gold is even $1600. That's where it was last christmas.....

        HIMX has been great to me. I made a ton from $5.77 to $8.32 and then from $9.55 to $11.33. I also have $9 puts on HIMX which should be easy profit

    • this is second time you post my name and associated with making money, its really not cool and none of your business. just had to say my peace because it bothered me the last time also!

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    • Are you thanking yourself and all your aliases? This is second time you say goodbye hopefully the last time, lol.

    • You said you got out last time and said bought back 2 days later too? How long can you stay out this time?

    • I'll check it out but Himx has a lot more run left! Himx is the golden ticket and google glass is the chocolate factory!

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