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  • trumpace trumpace Oct 23, 2013 11:20 AM Flag

    Apple TV

    Is there a possibility that HIMX is working on the Apple TV? Apple has been working on this product for a couple of years. Is it a game changer? Where does HIMX fit in, if they do at all? What will make Apple TV stand out from the others? Is it the Technology HIMX brings to the table?

    Today is an opportunity IMHO. IMHO HIMX products are the next wave in Technology. We will not see this in the numbers yet but the future for this company needs to be considered in the pps. I have yet to calculate this in myself and my $17.33 fair value today is only based on the current product structure even without google glass factor. If..., if HIMX is active in these new technologies with Microsoft and Apple..., well all I can say is WOW! I do not know if they are but it would sure be nice if they were, is all I am saying.

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    • I hope not, that product is a total failure just like their phones. HIMX needs to stay focused on GOOG, the real winner going forward.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Hey trumpace,

      I didn't see any discussion of your topic which might be just one more hidden gem for HIMX.

      The big cost of HDTV's are the displays themselves and then the tuners, etc. But, all of that could be replaced with what we already all own...............internet devices. So, what if Apple was working with HIMX on their pico projejctors and LCoS displays for the TV Display itself?

      In essence, the next generation TV could just be a pico projector displaying your TV on your wall or Glass device using the internet streaming from your laptop and/or smartphone.

      The HIMX pico projectors or Google Glasses means you have a vision filled display for very little money.

      Someone needs to capture this market and Apple would be a good one to it would be great to add Apple as a HMX customer (which they are via Foxconn).

      Other comments? Why does our HDTV's need to be $700 (good 42") to $1,500+ (60"+)???

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