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  • darb9999 darb9999 Oct 31, 2013 4:23 AM Flag

    to sbacchus and halschulz

    first of all sorry for my english which is not my mother tongue, i come from an old european country where three languages are spoken but not this one. I really want to thank you both of you and others also for all your datas you post on this board. I just registered because day after day I have a look on it and I really appreciate everything you post. I follow the stock since 6 but really in this the 8' and I do believe that it will be much higher than 10 in the next few months. I also believe that a buyout is possible but I first want to see the stock growing by itself but everything is possible. I really dont understand the guys that which day are saying that the stock is going back to 8 or to 5 or to 2, that's really interesting because on the stocktwit board nobody is saying that. And I said to them that all your datas you post can be easily checked and found if they have a doubt. So thank you and keep posting.

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    • Good to have you. I also follow stocttwit and you have a good solid guys over their.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Hey darb9999,

      Sometimes pictures help and I would direct you to the Himax website where you can download their Investor's Presentation which will help you understand HIMX.

      Those posting about HIMX going way lower are really just wanting to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt and keep people from buying as you will notice they never give reasons.......and certainly not valid reasons.

      Good luck to us both and best of luck to HIMX. Once the company reports their earnings in early November, we will have actual data and the company's own guidance to value it by.

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