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  • haschultz1 haschultz1 Dec 10, 2013 8:37 PM Flag

    End of November Update

    Almost another millions shares shorted in the last two weeks of November. HIMX closed at $9.20 on the 15-Nov so these shorts are seriously in trouble.

    HIMX closed at $9.68 on 31-Oct so even those added 7.7 million shares are underwater and losing money.

    But, these shorts will all have to cover and this is the stored buying power I keep writing about with the shorts. But, I also think these shorts are somewhat organized and that is why we have the bashers here...........who now seemed to have left the Message Board.................for now.

    There is still a lot of good news coming on HIMX and their partners/customers.............when the partners/customers decide to release it. Besides the LCoS displays, the sale of the iPhone is getting HIMX more business and the adoption of LTE standards by China Mobile will cause many in China to upgrades their phones with Apple, ZTE, Huawei, etc. who are all HIMX customers.

    10/31/2013.... 3,073,399
    10/15/2013.... 3,253,721

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    • If you go to the shortanalytics site, you will see that most of the shares yesterday were longs and not shorts.

      I don't know how this site determines the number of shares bought long or short each day but it is a good site to watch for changes and there were significantly lower percentage of short on Monday so this is also bullish.

      I wonder how many of these longs were really short covering?

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      • Great information. I would have thought there had been a fresh round of shorts with the new 52 week high. Usually that's an easy way to make $.50/share on a pullback and consolidation which almost always occurs. Never shorted anything, always thought about that play though.

        The increase in March 19 calls is a solid indicator. Feeling much better about simply holding my scalp shares until at least January.

      • Shortanalytics website indicates a higher percentage of short on Tuesday than Monday. I think some are shorts and some are the MM's tryng to keep a lid on this.

        But, now with Cramer, the patents, Northland, CES and investor's converences in Jan 2014, this is going to be huge for us. The 5,000+ Call Contracts ($19 March 2014) also say this is going higher sooner than later.

    • The shorting has me baffled. Questions for you and the board.
      1. Why in the world any one short HIMX? 2. Could some of those long calls be what shorts may have purchased to hedge?

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      • Hey learnigisdkey,

        Some people short based solely on chart patterns and there was a time when HIMX dropped below the key 50 Day Moving Average (DMA) technical support level. This might be what brought on the shorts in early November. But, HIMX is now well above the 50 DMA.

        Note also that some people buy solely on charts also.

        Some shorts are actually to buy lower. If you see only 500 shares bidding at one price but see many more shares with sell stops set just below that, a Market Maker may sell short the 500 shares to trip up sell stop orders.

        Sometimes people short to hit or miss options which is why the 3rd Friday of the month can be especially volatile.

        But, the end game is usually to make money in some manner.

    • Always remember both sides do make money. Longs are making $'s with multiples of shares bought at much lower prices. Shorts are taking their couple thousand share short plays looking for a coulpe $k.

      Long run sitting tight is not a bad thing. As you say, there is stored buying power (look at GTAT). The options are a good hedge for those looking for a near term exit point. I simply don't like the idea of selling CC's and then possibly having to buy them back for more $$ as the share price passes them. Looking to hold for at least 12 more months. Constantly evaluating.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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