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  • tothemoonandback123 tothemoonandback123 Dec 20, 2013 10:00 PM Flag

    10 - bagger

    Rarely can one find a stock with the long term growth potential such as HIMX. I won DDD and think that play is huge - but really HIMX will be the ONLY player in the google glass arena and they have the mega-giant (GOOG) at $1100 a share behind them. Incredible week and it's just the start of the marsh to $25, then $50 when the Glass profits kick in. Hold on for the long ride - 2014 is just the start of something big. Sure beats playing the Lotto hoping for millions - you got it right here! Happy holidays.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Depending on your entry point it could already have been a 10 bagger for some. Personally, 6 bagger on a few lots. 3 bagger overall to date.

    • Ten bagger from where? I am heavily in HIMX from 5-6 area. Firmly in but when you see these profits on paper, I must say it is tempting to take some profits. I will decide around 20

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Hey tothemoonandback123,

      HIMX is more than just Google Glass. Besides the base business, Sony is the keynote speaker at the Jan 2014 Consumer Electronics Show with them, Microsoft and Oculus all expected to be showing off their Augmented Reality Gaming Goggles.

      And, Augmented Reality Gaming Goggles use two displays each whereas Google Glasses only use the one (but I hope they offer a dual display model for viewing video (while safety seated).

      Google gets the headlines and will certainly sell more overall Glasses and displays..........but HIMX is more than just Google Glass..............and even the base business.

      Then, right after the LCoS displays go to 2+ million per month rate, they should start getting traction on the much smaller LCoS camera arrays.

      And, as himx2013/sbacchus has shown, the patent protection is pretty strong..............and HIMX is really the only mass manufacturer around for LCoS.

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