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  • fotboy fotboy Jul 24, 2002 10:45 AM Flag


    Looks like CPN and MIR will hold
    here for a while. The market is
    treating these like dot.coms.
    They do have a market and will make
    money some day. That is after Ferc
    gets done. Your favorite ILA down
    some for the day but at least did
    not get caught up in the big down
    grade of 11 power companies yesterday.

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    • CPN made a nice move today for sure....3 should hold well, though none of us ever thought wed be saying that for "3". Bought some yesterday, but was too wimpy this am. to further commit.

      Did buy plenty of other names though away from energy.....predominately financials and a few others.

      No longer own was one that got the ax for cash.

      Very nice day...everything on the watchlist is up bad I never di buy all the names...

      Still sitting with 8% cash....may be holding that for a while though.

      Just hopefully we see some flow thru...and not a slot machine.

    • My son you are doing a good job. You better act fast, lest the shorts come back and drive the stock to new 52 week lows.

      Please call the shorts names and blame them for al you suffering. In this way you will be relaxed and happy. And Ready to take on the challenge to lose little more.

      I am getting quite old for this game. But you have years ahead of you. To learn from losses and prosperous from the wisdom gained from your mistakes.

      As one sage said it, �Learning from your mistake is the first step towards wisdom.�

      Lim Tung