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  • mrs_gutternberg_not_married mrs_gutternberg_not_married Dec 27, 2002 2:03 PM Flag

    Eliminating dividend taxation

    European Markets are dropping.

    Germany DAX ^GDAXI 1:44pm 2,869.16� -131.68�����. -4.39%
    Sweden Stockholm General ^SXAXPI 11:26am 149.58� -3.47 ��-2.27%.
    Switzerland Swiss Market ^SSMI 11:32am 4,573.90�.. -157.40��.. -3.33% .
    United Kingdom FTSE 100 ^FTSE 11:36am 3,829.40 �.-112.70��. -2.86%

    What is holding AHR longs?
    When will they get tired and sell?

    Don�t be married to this stock.


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    • <<1. What is holding AHR longs?
      2. When will they get tired and sell?
      3. Don�t be married to this stock.>>

      Answers to your probing questions:

      1. Almost 4 years after buying stock in this company - I have made almost 12% year in dividends and about 25% in capital gains over my cost basis.

      2. Certainly not now.. unless you and your wisdom can possibly point to anything else that has come even close to this in the same time frame... (I don't short stocks, like you... so that's out.)

      3. I'm not married to anyone other than my wife... Although AHR is a close second. Get over it. The WHOLE STOCK MARKET is down 3 years in a row. Certainly, even blindfolded, someone as ignorant as yourself can find something else to short out there to make money.

      Happy New Year. Best of wishes to all.