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  • peilthetraveler peilthetraveler Apr 14, 2009 2:57 PM Flag

    I just bought in and i see Market maker manipulating stock already

    soon as i bought in, MM sold 100 shares at bid showing the price lower than i paid. It has to be a market maker because nobody would trade this stock in 100 shares lots. Thats like 49 bucks worth of stock for 1 trade? Unless you are paying half a cent per share or less for commission, nobody would trade like that.

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    • Suggested reading, book, Financial Shenanigans and information how throughout the years as the United States Government kept printing money they did not raise the price of gold to protect the dollar. Instead the government kept the price of gold the same. So, foreigners seeing gold is more valuable than the price the United States kept it at, starting buying it from us. Eventually the price of gold did go up and those foreigners who bought made a nice profit. Manipulation is real. The Russians have complained about the manipulation of Gold and some company has complained about the manipulation of oil. There is also the manipulation of the dollar.

    • They are holding it down to let thier kronies cover. We get some good news, and these same dicks that are holding it back are suddenly going to become OUR best friends.
      I am long, and not to concerned about the immediete future.
      But a short squeeze would be a nice present