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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 21, 2010 8:08 PM Flag

    Dean, would you like more make up for your next TV appearance?

    We got another offering, are you guys buying into BID DEANS dream.

    I aint bashing but it has been like 5 years, I am an electronics
    engineer and I mean ENGINEER not tech flunky.

    We are approaching year no. 6.

    As for the big break out, hold on to your series 7 and level III
    jargon for someone who is oblivious to your SCHILL way.

    Let me help you lads read my post about investing and trading.

    "Somebody tell this "caring investor" to realize what he is actually
    doing when he buys stocks of a company.

    Let me explain to him how and when he is actually investing or and
    trading a stock of a company.

    A. You are ONLY INVESTING in a company when you buy at the IPO or a
    SECONDARY offering. That is the only time a company see any money

    B. You are trading anytime after that period and the only person that
    sees money is the two parties trading. THE COMPANY DOES NOT SEE A

    Got it. Now you know. So before you think by plugging all that money
    into a company they will be directly using it to prosper.

    That is ALL. Now off you go lad / las. "

    So before these yahoos part with your money because they sunk 35M +
    into this well..I won't call it a POS, but thus far a DISAPPOINTEMENT.

    Hold on to your cash and wait for your FDA apporval, if you haven't
    realized your fish on on the hook, avg. down is not the solution. I
    applaud your vision and perseverance but save your cash to buy
    compnaies with an EPS in the black with growth.

    Hold what you have and leave it at that if you insisit. This isn't
    about being right or wrong its about increasing your wealth and
    keeping that curve positive.

    You have to break away from the nonsense of story telling, how many CC
    has it been, there you have your answer.

    You don't need luck, smarts is what you need.

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    • See guy heres where you are wrong. You may not be directly investing in the company when you buy shares from the market, but you are INDIRECTLY investing your money into the company. You are trading your cash to someone for the shares they own of that company, which were at one point sold to someone in the doesn't matter whose hands they are in, the company still SOLD those shares for MONEY, which you now OWN those SHARES, and have....yes you guessed it, INDIRECTLY INVESTED IN THE COMPANY. ANOTHER WAY OF INVESTING IS THROUGH PRIVATE PLACEMENT, WHICH WE JUST SAW, BY SELLING SHARES TO INSTITUTIONS or BIG MONEY INVESTORs......SO SUCK IT DUDE

    • Dude, you are an engineer??? For WHAT??? Toilet paper?

      Do you really expect us to believe that you're so brilliant, when you can't even write one complete sentence?

      And tell us, what do you know about C-arms, or Xrays, or pre-approved FDA parts? Probably nothing. Yet since you're "an engineer", you are trying to get everyone to believe you know everything from laying pavement to putting a man on the moon.

      Sorry Charlie, but you're not real believable.

    • Dude, how is it possible that your grasp of the English language and grammar is so poor? I weep for the future of our country.