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  • socal.trader socal.trader Aug 22, 2011 7:59 PM Flag

    Why didn't the stock spike to over $1.00 today?

    "...GE is in bed with the FDA..."

    Exactly my point. GE has $82 BILLION in operating cash + has seen the DViS in 100% working action + signed non-disclosure agreements. It would be a "slam dunk" if they bought IMGG + the DViS technology, used their deep connections with the FDA, and pushed it through to Approval. They have the cash, the resources and the connections to do so. They can buy the company for $0.10/share right now. Or they could pay a premium to reward Dean + shareholders. Either way, if it's truly a game-changer, then it's worth acquiring them now and helping to secure Approval.

    There's no other way to look at it; if the DViS is truly a game-changer, then GE would've bought them by now. They haven't because it's NOT a revolutionary device.