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  • socal.trader socal.trader Aug 22, 2011 5:33 PM Flag

    Why didn't the stock spike to over $1.00 today?

    According to the hundreds of new sheep investors on this message board and the "70" or so people who witnessed the Open House live demo, the DViS 100% works as advertised. According to them, Dean's fist of fury was just the evidence they needed to prove it's a revolutionary, breakthrough, game-changing device. Even though we saw nothing new in the demo, they are 100% positive that it 100% works as advertised. Nevermind the additional dilution to the stock because of the $1,000,000 private placement financing, or the FIFTH consulting firm that is now working on the 510k package.

    So if everything 100% works as advertised, then why did the stock jump to only $0.10 instead of $1.00?

    IMGG stock was $1.95 WITHOUT FDA APPROVAL, when it was "just a labeling issue" in 2009. Not a single shareholder had witnessed a live demo at an Open House. But they were willing to drive the price up to $1.95 on speculation alone? So now we have "100% PROOF" that it 100% works as advertised. But all we got was $0.10 today? Sounds to me like the DViS is NOT a game-changer after all.

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    • there you go again cluttering these little minds with fact and logic..bad boy

    • hey still have not answered the question...DESCIBE THE AREA WHERE THE OPEN HOUSE TOOK PLACE...IF YOU WERE THERE ??? you didnt answer this in a previous post...why,because you were not there...RIGHT?????

    • in other words - call me when it's approved.

    • We are all just numb about the whole thing. It really doesn't matter if it works or not - you still can't change the fact that GE is in bed with the FDA. You can't change the fact that corruption runs wild in all gov't agencies. And you can't change the fact that mr. janes insists on pushing this 510K through without clinical trials - even after the FDA told him to his face and wrote it down on paper so he would not forget that they HIGHLY recommended clinical trials if he ever wanted to get approval...

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      • "...GE is in bed with the FDA..."

        Exactly my point. GE has $82 BILLION in operating cash + has seen the DViS in 100% working action + signed non-disclosure agreements. It would be a "slam dunk" if they bought IMGG + the DViS technology, used their deep connections with the FDA, and pushed it through to Approval. They have the cash, the resources and the connections to do so. They can buy the company for $0.10/share right now. Or they could pay a premium to reward Dean + shareholders. Either way, if it's truly a game-changer, then it's worth acquiring them now and helping to secure Approval.

        There's no other way to look at it; if the DViS is truly a game-changer, then GE would've bought them by now. They haven't because it's NOT a revolutionary device.

    • It did go up 30% today. Give it time my friend. Prove to the masses that you were there, you lying sack of crap. What is your beef with Dean, you pathological liar? If it didn't work as advertised, why the 30% jump? Explain? Obviously somebody thought it worked enough to drive the stock price up 30% in one day. Are you and Jamysuckit roommates?

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      • Uh, Mr No Real language Skills except name calling the reason it went up is because more suckers bought and because the inner organization can afford to do a new pump and dump..The pump from 8 to say 15
        Dump at 15 and it drops to 8 agian while you suckers in at 20 30 40 or more cents p sh never are able to get back to even. Now even a little ol' mind like yours can surley understand that, can't'cha?

      • If one tracks the run to $1.95 it spikes to a dime the first day and continues a one week+ run to $1.95. Will this repeat the same pattern? I don't know. Could it happen? Possibly. With the added oomph of submission of protocols to the FDA and the fact that the this is no longer pure speculation, relative to performance standards.Real time 3d imaging was clearly demonstrated.Nothing more, nothing less. Despite the expectations and criticism of some, what was promised was delivered. Additionally, there is now professional help supervising the submission. Will it happen? Maybe, probably not. However, this run will find some legs once the submission of protocols is announced.

    • Guess everyone tired of speculation and the BS that has been going along with this stock. I imagine it will spike when they submit but not before....But I don't know squat.

    • sour grapes