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  • socal.trader socal.trader Aug 29, 2011 4:58 PM Flag

    What would you do with $82 BILLION in cash?

    Let's say you have $82 BILLION in cash in your bank account. Would you buy a company that trades for $0.08/share and has a revolutionary, breakthrough, game-changing 3D x-ray imaging machine that will set the medical world on fire + reap millions (or billions) in future revenue? Wouldn't you want to own this magical revolutionary technology? Such game-changing technology that it's going to change the way medical imaging is done across the world? Such an amazing device that you'll reap almost 50% profit margins? Wouldn't you want to buy this company + technology?

    Sure you would. But for some reason, GE still hasn't. Hmm, I wonder why???

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    • eom eom eom

    • Socal, there's no LAW that says GE has to buy IMGG. Maybe they looked at it, and don't like it. GE has their own designers, machines, etc.

      In your continually negative shouting about IMGG, you're trying to make it like a crime that ....perhaps they're not interested.

      GE is into many industries. Appliances, caulkings and sealants, nuclear energy, medical, aircraft engines, banking, etc.

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      • Hey Douch , get some help before its too late mate..

      • There goes Terry again, always providing an excuse for an obvious situation. Of course there's no LAW, what a stupid excuse.

        "Maybe GE doesn't like it"

        So you're saying that a mega-global-corporation who is an industry leader and strives to reap billions in revenue for its shareholders + partners with the Obama administration would not want to purchase revolutionary, breakthrough, game-changing technology?

        The way that Dean has hyped the DViS, it's the equivalent of a drug that cures cancer or similar miracle drug that will shake up the industry. You don't think Pfizer would purchase a company for pennies on the dollar if they had a miracle drug in their pipeline??

        If GE (or Toshiba) truly have no interest in the DViS, then they would have let Dean know already, and he wouldn't need to keep telling shareholders about their presence + close proximity at RSNA, nor would Dean have said "let the bidding war begin!"

        Per Dean and all the kool-aid guzzling shareholders: The DViS is a revolutionary, breakthrough, game-changing device that will potentially reap millions + billions in revenue + save thousands of lives.

        Any competent CEO is going to pursue the acquisition of revolutionary + game-changing technology if it's going to grow their business. Especially an industry behemoth like GE.

        The fact that GE has not gobbled up IMGG proves that the technology really isn't revolutionary or game-changing at all. It's just another x-ray machine.

        You can't defend the situation. It doesn't pass any logical or common sense test.

    • Put a bounty out.