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  • buymonkey11 Feb 27, 2013 1:25 AM Flag

    BUD Watering Down Beer Bull_Hocky

    Another Unmerited allegation(s), courts will prove this, disgruntel former employees?.
    There technology for making/tracking the beer entire process is well beyond Federal regulations
    standards and data record keeping. The code date on each can or bottle, incl packages are
    designed to be tracable to the plant/employee level. There are so many quality control systems
    in play, no employee + equipement monitoring would allow this to happen, that beer would be
    destroyed @ the plant(s). Do you think a Multi Billon Dollar company would violate federal label
    laws and misrepsent aclohol % knowing they will get caught and pay a mega fine and to include
    loosing there market over the entire world. Stupid they are not. We all pay for good/great beer
    and thats just what they live & strive for everyday.
    Granted they are no longer American Owned, But Your Beer Is Made By Americans! In The USA.
    There Employees & Staff are amoung the proudess work force I drink with, talking with them you
    would soon realize there expertise in the craft, there attention to detail along with their personal
    comitment to produce some of the finest quality beer made today & tomarrow.
    For the record, time will prove me & this post is accurate in every detail.
    BUD-InBev Webcast today 27Feb13
    Seen yesterday on Bloomberg News, Bud & DOJ Getting Close To Medelo agreement,
    Did Not Seen it on CNBC.

    Sentiment: Hold

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