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  • financeguy59 financeguy59 Oct 9, 2009 9:08 PM Flag

    Tier One

    You got me interested so I went and looked myself. At 6/09 (the most recent data rolled up into the UBPR's) their Tier1 was 6.49% vs their peer groop at 8.32%.

    So one would have to figure out how much they have charged off since 6/09 and factor in possible balance sheet shrinkage.

    Anyway, they are probably lower than 6.9% now but no idea without spending all night trying to guess.

    Bottomline, if they had come up with new capital there would have been news and the likelyhood that they were able to shrink their balance sheet to perserve capital is unlikely in this marke as there is no place for undesirable loans to go.