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  • BagOBucks BagOBucks Nov 29, 2004 10:00 AM Flag

    Opening bell

    The lack of price drop tells a big story...
    a) the long price decline after the Sejong "deal" means that the insiders knew all along that it wasn't on 'terra-firma'.
    b) it has been known for the past couple of weeks that they were 'concluding' their talks.

    We've been zinged again.

    But I still believe something good will happen with this technology.

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    • yeah I was going to mention the decline starting in mid September had something to do with this company leaking news like a sieve to whoever's in favor at the time-I just couldn't believe that they would let the cat out of the bag that far back-I do hope Modi is done dumping his shares by now-maybe we'll get some shorts covering too-I'm hanging on until Phase IIB if it ever shows up-glad to see someone else is awake as I find myself talking to myself more these days although its kind of pleasant slipping into a world of fantasy and leaving good old harsh reality to the partially sane

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      • Dear Clue;

        Phase-2b results that will be the day. Seven or eight years, the company still in the Phase-2, hope they come out some day and move. Also, I hope we won't see hyping substanceless announcements and fall for them and regret. It is highly uncertain as what will come out next???? The data presented on the intrim phase-2 results certainly didn't looked too positive at all according to some doctors who are posting on this message board. Thanks to their input to educate us and keep us informed of what is the correct meaning of the results.