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    Antogen Express Cancer Tx :)


    Antigen Express
    However, in San Antonio, while the CVDP presented three study abstracts concerning all of the peptide based vaccines in its care (E75, GP2 and AE37),
    the findings that are presented underscore the AE37 vaccine as the most promising of the three (in both terms of safety and efficacy). The new findings will be presented by COL George Peoples, MD, who has been directing the trials at the Brooke Army Medical Center.
    AE37 is the invention of Massachusetts based Antigen Express which owns all of the vaccine's rights. The small life science company is a fully owned subsidiary of Generex (GNBT) Biotechnology, and AE37 is currently in a large scale Phase II efficacy study. The stated goal of Antigen Express is developing novel immunotherapeutic peptide vaccines for use in patients with tumors expressing the HER-2/neu oncogene.
    . A main advantage of AE37, and the Ii-key hybrid technology of Antigen Express, is that the AE vaccines are designed not only as effective stand alone treatment, but to be linked with approved treatments causing a significant increase in immunologic response. This aspect of the AE vaccines creates a unique potential of multiple platform licensing arrangements.

    In August 2008, Antigen Express announced that researchers at Mary Crowley Cancer Center had begun enrollment of patients for a new Phase I clinical trial in breast and ovarian cancers employing the AE37 vaccine combined with the CVDP's GP2 peptide vaccine. The trial is being conducted as part of a collaboration between Antigen Express, Dr. George Peoples at the Brooke Army Medical Center and the Mary Crowley Cancer Center, which is completely funding the trial. The AE37 vaccine is also the subject of a Phase I trial in prostate cancer patients. Both vaccines are derived from the tumor-related HER-2/neu protein.

    A recent research report by Scimitar Equity, LLC, stated that they estimate Antigen Express to be valued at approximately $96 million based on public information Generex has disclosed. Yet the current market cap for GNBT as a whole is approximately $60 million. I made a strong effort in presenting my due diligence on the promising oncology related aspect of GNBT in a factual manner. My desire is to share in the intriguing developments within the pipeline of an emerging biotech that is presently under the radar. I have received no assistance in writing this article, either from the mentioned companies or anyone else.

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