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  • dwoods4q dwoods4q Mar 13, 2009 5:37 PM Flag

    Turning the corner, .08-.38

    as an investor in biotech co's. and in gnbt I believe we are at the apex with gnbt. The conf. call today was a little on the unprofessioal side, but the bottomline is that there is interest in the company from the buyout/merger/distribution side as well as the venture capital/financial banking side. there is good news from India and the middle east in that they are finally selling product, creating a revenue stream. the pipeline is substantial and progressing. the flagship phase 111 trial is advancing as well as could be expected, finishing late 09-early 10 with fda approval to follow, numerous other drugs at various stages of development and testing. the company is in a quiet phase which I interpret to be good news ie; [merger/acqu./financing, etc.] short for a research and development biotech co. this rocket is on the launch pad and is being fueled,barring some unforseen blowup this co. will be selling for serious $$$$$$$ from where we are now.....IMHO

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    • dwoods...that is all baloney !!

    • Guys, I just don't see big pharma in this. My gut tells me they will do either a JV (likely) or a VC (Most likely). The next press release will most likely be that they've 1) hired a PR to handle the CCs in the future (we can only hope) and 2) that they've hired a Investment Strategy group (say a GS/MS/ type) to assist in the process. The investment group will find an invester to give them cash. They will remove management and take over. We will do VERY well but I do not believe this is the team to take us to the next level. JUST how I see it. My best to everyone.

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      • I think Anna G. is the biggest obstacle to success for this company......I don't think she plays well with others, i.e. Eli Lilly partnered with them in the past and severed ties.

        Its like a mother with a baby....tough to pry the little rascal from her grip, even though she'd a bad mom and the baby has a much better chance of a good life out of her hands.