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  • tony_montello2003 tony_montello2003 Jan 30, 2010 11:30 PM Flag

    "you have to be Mentally Retarded to short a .63 cent Biotech stock"

    Let alone a Bio tech company like GNBT, that is on verge to have there best year since there inception. GNBT has multiple products in the pipe line that could generate Multi Billion dollar Revenues. The following examples:

    1. Oralyn TM: Oralyn alone can be a Billion Dollar Insulin Delivery Device, Oralyn can catapult GNBT to world stage. Phase 3 results are weeks away and I expect great phase 3 results. Oralyn already has been approved for emergency use by USFDA.

    2. Crave nx: I went to CVS in my neighborhood and they were sold out of them and after talking to the stocking Clerk, I was told that next shipment will come in 2 weeks, After that I went to another CVS location and found 3 on the shelf, I purchased 2 for two week supply, I had craving for some sweets and I went for Crave Nx, I read the instructions and sprayed it in my mouth and I tell you this product really works. I think Crave Nx can alone generate multi million dollar revenue for GNBT.

    3. Baboom: I like the crave Nx so much that I wanted to try Baboom, Baboom is the instant energy spray and is avialable to buy at thousands of 7 Eleven locations, I went to my local 7 eleven and there it was sitting on the shelf, very attractive packaging, I tried some before I went to a party that night and the stuff is amazing got a instant burst of energy. Baboom can generate multi million dollar.

    * I don't know of too many Bio techs that generate any kind of cash and trading at much higher levels.

    4. I am a Biologist by profession and I get invited to all these Bio Tech Conferences held through out the World, I was in attendance at the recent bio tech conference that was held at Sir Frances Drake hotel in San Franscisco, I heard Anna Gluskin talk about the products and pipe line of drugs GNBT and wholly owned subsidiary Antigen Express and her presentation was outstanding and she was very enthuasastic about GNBT's prospects for this year 2010. I heard lot of companies at the Confernec but the one that stood out was GNBT.

    5. I was very impressed by there Breast cancer Drug candidate, this could be a Multi Billion dollar drug.

    6. I can keep on going but I was so baffled by reading all these Shorts, bashturds and Fukdstiens on this board that I had to drop a line.

    7. I was fortunate to be part of HGSI big run from the .45 cents to $30+ and my Famous price projections are highlited on the Hgsi Board, I think GNBT can very well be the next HGSI, and in my quest to find the next HGSI also led me to GNVC, I think these 2 Biotechs are going to be the biggest percentage gainers of this year 2010, I spent lot of months on researching these Biotech diamonds in the rough, my post is in no way a endorsment to buy or sell but just my Analysis. I truly belive that when the dust settles GNBT will be $10+ and GNVC $20+

    Let it be written,
    Dr. Montello.

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