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  • dhrosier dhrosier Jun 4, 1998 9:40 PM Flag

    Big trades


    I would like to believe that the lower price
    means the trust can move their shares more easily, but
    didn't the price get low because they have been trying
    to sell more shares than the buyers can raise the
    cash to buy? Dropping off margin would certainly
    explain why selling intensified, but unfortunately it
    also means a lot of people who are enthusiastice
    Ramtron holders have lost a lot of their cash. I would
    classify anyone willing to go on margin to buy RMTR as an
    "enthusiastic" Ramtron investor.

    OVERHANG is a long
    irrelevant, but I should think that the combination of the
    overhang and forced selling to cover shorts would be a
    tremendous short term buying opportunity. Even if the
    company never blossoms it appears an uncommon opportunity
    for the contrarians as djduncan suggested.

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