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  • i_am_mothra_stewart i_am_mothra_stewart Feb 2, 2010 12:55 PM Flag

    Hey CGREEN, how ya doin, retard?

    Just wondering, what with all the money you're losing by being a total idiot...

    If you want to see my other trades, just search the boards.

    You can see my recent shorts in AAPL ($205, now in the low $190's), GOOG (~$555, now $529), and AMZN (~$125, covered at $118).

    I make money day in, day out in the stock market. You, clearly, are an amateur and a piker.

    Keep on shorting MAPP, idiot. I've rarely seen a more obvious long.


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    • I could care less that I have my series 7, it makes no difference in my ability to predict the market or a particular stock in the least. But it does prove that Im smarter and more experienced that you... as if proof of that was needed. So, all three stocks you are long on are taking another beating today ... MAPP, MNTA, & BOOM. I would give you a hard time about it, but Im sure you are depressed enough today after these losses. My short in MNTA at 15.05 however, is paying off wonderfully!

    • Actually I have my series 7 license and have been trading for about 12 years. But I guess reading a couple of easy money day trader books trumps that. I see you are also long BOOM and you are getting crushed on that one as well. Funny how you dont metntion that one in your overall net short position in the market?

    • Chuck, you haven't been doing this long. I have been doing this for years. I am right at least 75% the time. Add that to the fact that when I'm wrong I get out FAST, and that's all I need to do well.

      Cut losses short, let winners run, have an idea of the "true value" of a stock, and try to get information that the public doesn't know yet. That is how you make money in stocks.

      P.S. I made money today, with the big drops in AAPL and GOOG more than making up for my longs in MAPP and MNTA. The WHOLE REASON I sold some MAPP stock, as I said when I posted the trade, was because I was moving to a net short position on THE MARKET. Today, that paid off, since I have more exposure to shorts than longs.

    • Well my point all along is that nobody is a perfect stock trader all of the time and to claim that you are is ridiculous. I have been extremely lucky several times and had huge gains, which made me think I was some great stock guru (like you think you are). But the reality is that I got lucky, and nobody can or ever will predict this market. To claim otherwise is just sad.

    • Good start. Also, I was right to buy MAPP. Also, I made money when I sold shares at 16. Also, I'm making money on my AAPL and GOOG shorts. Also, I post my trades in real time.

      I am still holding MAPP and MNTA, which are both losing me money today. MNTA is the only stock position I have right now with a paper loss. Obviously I'm making money in AAPL and GOOG, what with the stock market on the verge of collapsing.

      Also, if you followed my posts on other boards, you would see that I specifically mentioned sovereign debt as one of the reasons I was getting bearish on the stock market for the first time since March 10th. Lo and behold, that is exactly why the stock market is collapsing today.


    • I should really start being nicer to you. I'll start by saying you are right, I would have been better off waiting and covering MAPP today.

    • That's great you're making so much money, Chuck. But as far as I can tell, you should have stayed short MAPP. It's down a lot more today.

      Also, Chuck, when you criticize my trading in MAPP, you are going to have to decide whether you're going to criticize me for selling at $16 or for owning the stock at all. You really can't criticize both.

      As for me, I'm still long MAPP and MNTA and still short GOOG and AAPL. The reason I sold some MAPP was not because of MAPP but because of the market. Sometimes you sell a stock because it's bad. Sometimes you sell a stock because the market is bad.


    • I might have only made pennies, but its better than the beating you are taking on MNTA. I went short on it yesterday, just as promised, and its already paying off. Being on the opposite side of a trade that you make is pure genius. Covering MAPP and shorting MNTA has worked out perfectly!!!

    • "Your imagainary trades in GOOG and AAPL arent doing so well are they? Is this the time when you claim to have covered those shorts the day before to make it look like you got out ahead?"

      Posted 3-Feb-10 11:20 am

      "By the way, I covered today at 15.70... not becuase I dont think this stock isnt a piece of crap, but it was dead money and I want to go short MNTA. I figure if I just follow the opposite of your trades, Im guaranteed to make money."

      Posted 3-Feb-10 04:45 pm

      Am I the only one who sees the irony and the utter idiocy in that series of comments?

      He shorted MAPP at 16. He could have covered at 14.50. Claimed he was "still in the money" at $16.22. Then accused me of PLANNING to claim I had already closed my shorts in AAPL and GOOG, and THEN, 45 minutes after the closing bell, he posts "I already closed my MAPP short."

      So... he is? a retard. I rest my case. Total retard.

      Just for fun, let's look at some of his idiotic posts from when MAPP was falling from 16 (where, as he so honestly mentions, I sold some stock).

      Here's a good one from January 21st a day that Chuck here must have been feeling pretty smart. The stock dropped from 15.23 for 14.76, below my predicted (at $16) bottom of $15. This is classic:

      "I would defintley be an idiot if I followed your advice. I shorted at 16 and wonte cover until 12, which is coming soon. The interest in this stock, as well as the volume has dried up like a 39 year old womans uterus that spends her life churning her $5,000 etrade account and posting to message boards all day long."

      Let's see... are we at $12 yet? No, $16.64. Hmmm...

      Here's a good one from yesterday:

      "For the 4th time, I shorted at 16. Since the stock is below 16, that means I making money. Go back to your Jim Cramer trading book and check.. that is really how it works! Not sure how shorting a stock and making money makes me a piker??"

      Actually, at the time of his post, the stock was ABOVE 16, although a few minutes before it was as low as 15.94. I believe the definition of PIKER is someone playing for pennies.

      Look, retard, instead of acting like you know what you are doing, which will lead you to bankruptcy, why not learn from someone who does? The chances are very slim, of course. I've seen idiots like you come and go for years. Chuck, your first post on these boards is last month. Good luck with your stock-trading career, though I suspect it won't last long.


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