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  • tammyshang tammyshang Mar 15, 2012 5:05 PM Flag

    Here is my take on MAPP....

    MApp's recent aggressive run ups tells me that there is way too much money on the table for some investors to be tempted to cash in and lighten their position prior to the FDA apoproval. Given the fact that in Jan that the Chief Science Officer of Mapp also cashed in much of his shares also supports my belief that Mapp's recent pricing was running too rich. Having said this, I do believe that Levadex will get approval for the following reasons (1) DHE is the corner-stone of treating severe acute migrains and have a long history of proven efficacy. Its ususally given IV to very effectively stop acute episodes and is very valuable for alternative for chronic migrains (2) Many patients not responding to tripans will respond to DHE (3)FDA recommended to MAPP not to conduct further efficacy trials. This clearly demonstrates that at least 50% of the risk (efficacy) is not the issue here. (4) The safety of DHE is well documented and given the fact that DHE is inhaled as opposed to IV (which is already approved on the market as well as nasal-unreliable delivery), the inhaled DHE seems perfectly suited for a demand that is not filled. Furthermore, MAPP has data in asthmatic that demonstrated even in ashmatics, Levadex was safe and efficacious. The last point that I like to make is that typically FDA has a preliminary panel hearing prior to making a decision. In this case, the FDA put Levadex review without requiring a preliminary panel heaing. This is very very good indicator that Levadex will be approved. Once approved, how much will Mapp be??? that remains to be speculated. I just hope that MAPP pricving prior to the approval have not dropped so much as to erode my potential profit once approved. Another important point to remember is that DHE nasal spray is already on the market. Given the fact that intra-nasal delivery is unreliable, I don't see why an inhaled formulation (and there are plenty of inhaled products on the market including inhaled insulin)should be an issue. For those that are long and strong, I sincerely hope MAPP will pay off BIG.... Best of luck to all the longs.

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