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  • PaperProphet PaperProphet May 21, 2012 6:54 PM Flag

    Watch out investors.

    This company was never meant to make a profit from the start. Founder Dr. Zuckerman just needed some oil to mix with regular oil to make it ambiguous enough to call 'green'. He wanted to start with pyrolysis oil (oil made from waste) but settled on renderings. Now it's 37% rendered fat mixed with synthetic oil which for testing they apparently compared with non-synthetic oil.

    Rendered fat isn't green--it takes petroleum to produce food for animals and even the cheapest rendered oil is more expensive than petroleum. I can't think of any advantage other than pretending it's green might allow them to charge a premium to consumers who don't understand how little it qualifies.

    Dr. Zuckerman works with a group who start a large number of these types of companies which invariably lose millions of dollars and never go anywhere. John D Stanton and his group have gotten extremely wealthy running these types of schemes and selling stock--if they thought there was any actual profit to be had in "G-Oil", they would have funded it themselves and kept all the profits. Instead they package up ideas as 'gifts' to shareholders and sell stock as long as shareholders will continue to buy. Dr. Zuckerman might not be around anymore but the very foundation of GETG is flawed and that's what was passed on.

    There are a number of posters here who walked down the aisle with the stock, absolutely married to it and will defend its honor against any and all reason, and they're going to be here until the end. You're probably better off not being one of them unless you feel you can get out on a spike. If you need to play a dubious company like Green Earth, it would be a very wise move not to put in more than you can afford to lose.

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    • I was involved with GET from the start.
      I am no longer employed by GETG so you can take this as unbiased.
      While Matt Zuckerman was involved with the original founding group, I have never met or hear of Mr Stanton until Paper Prophet brought him up.
      Here are the facts:
      Mr Zuckerman hasn't been at GET for years.
      Stanton was never involved.
      There are credible companies that have investigated the products and management of GET. After completing their due diligence, they decided to invest millions in GETG and are still supporting GETG.
      While start ups are difficult to get off the ground and most fail, GET has proven to have the sustainability to continue to expand their brand and product awareness.
      I continue to own GETG stock and expect it to grow in value.
      I'm not sure who the Paper Basher is, but he must have his own agenda.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Dr. Zuckerman, Randy Letcavage, Stanton and others were behind the original pink sheet pump/dump scam, but that is old history -- the company and the products are now quite legit. Of course processing lard into oil is more expensive than pumping it out of the ground, so the company needs to focus on niches where it can justify higher prices -- such as marine and chain saw oil, rather than trying to compete in the lowest priced commodity. The company is failing because it spread its markets too thin, went after too many highly competitive chains/distribution channels, especially big box, with unsustainable marketing efforts. Sometimes dreaming big can be expensive. The company never took time to build up core users. Time to split the company into Performance and Appearance and sell the parts to groups able to take it from here. Can't keep justifying the burn rate without sales progress. Hint - the problem is management's lack of skill in consumer products.

      • Dont even waste your breath with paper pathetic, he's one of those guys that never succeeded at anything so he became an "analyst" to sit behind a computer in his apartment and hide from the real world. Unfortunately for him his analysis comes from personal loss and a hard on for this dude Stanton that has NEVER been involved with GET. He'll eventually crawl back into his shell if you don't respond because he's a bottom dweller that feeds on your diffidence

    • It's been a while since I've posted here so maybe the time is ripe to give another warning to any newcomers who don't know the story yet. With GETG, you're dealing with a company set up by a group which routinely sets up crap companies and which then rakes in investment until the money dries up. So far *none* of the John D Stanton group of companies has ever made a dime. Dr. Matt Zuckerman, who started GETG, was an associate of Mr. Stanton's. As far as I know, Mr. Stanton is finally in jail.

      Dr Zuckerman went on to start ALKN, which is now virtually gone and he recently embarked on ECareSolutions, ECSL, where he's hawking a "patent-pending gasoline replacement" called "Singular96" on the same flawed principles of G-Oil's using rendered fat as a partial synthetic oil replacement. Green Earth is a story designed to appeal to and get investment from "green-minded" shareholders just like every other of Mr. Stanton's companies.

      Caveat Emptor.

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      • Looks like GETG is still plodding along losing money all the way.

        Watch out, investors. GETG's very foundation was built on diluting regular oil with bio-oil, an idea which has little value. Dr. Matt Zuckerman starts a bunch of companies on flaky premises and then sells shares to penny stock investors. If there's an idea which he feels investors will swallow, he'll sell that idea and the penny stock that goes along with it.

        Looks like some of the long-time faithful and patient shareholders evaporated.

      • Paper Prophet (PP) - While certainly GETG has yet to show its products can turn a profit, your arguments are weak at best.

        Your primary disses are:
        1. "it takes petroleum to produce food for animals". True, however, to the best of my
        knowledge there are no cattle specifically reared only for their tallow. In other words,
        the tallow is purely a by-product and thus requires no additional energy to produce
        and is why it's a low-cost component alternative to oil, aside from its many other virtues.

        2. "Zuckerman and Stanton" appear to be, shall we say, neither noble nor successful.
        Granted. However, they've long been out of the picture and have no influence whatsoever with GETG nor have they for quite some time. Their past association with
        GETG is totally irrelevant. (Microsoft and Apple both started in garages, but they've also moved on.)

        Whatever the reason for your continued negative motives toward GETG, you would
        do much better focusing on its start-up nature and those inherent risks, the difficulty
        to establish its oil products against global giants, and the many other obvious causes which have it selling around $.20 per share.

        I'm not defending GETG here, just indicating what you cite as negatives are totally false.

      • hey kurt, so you're saying this company is a fraud?? I think you should turn them in to the SEC. I did some research and it looks like you're a wannabe adviser with very little credibility. please share more about this scam for all of us newbies

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