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  • bryanpbd bryanpbd Apr 22, 2006 11:52 PM Flag

    Take over target?

    Does anyone believe that NUAN has the potential to be a takeover target in the short or long term? I am curious about your opinions.


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    • I've never seen a guy who's been 100% wrong - I mean really dude, you shouldn't be playing with money....

    • You'll never see me join that camp. GO! LONGS!

    • are RIGHT! This is already happening and will be the next BIG step for all!

    • I agree!!!! Chaching....chaching!!

    • you are wrong again - there will be an EMR explosion that all doctors will buy immediately once the voice recognition gets a little better tweaked -it will be easy to get a template of history and phsical exams and program the vocabulary to the system

    • look at the message, not the messenger......Dictaphone is making conversion into Nuance's speech product a requirement, how many contracts are coming up for renewal this year? Cha-ching, quit being a bonehead!!!LOL

    • I have friend who has a relative who has has a kid in school whose teacher says the MC"KING" has always been an asshole but I disagree. I say it is a learned trait and that you are steadily improving. Who is correct?

    • Midcap

      I have a relative who is CFO of a major hospital. He has said that he has been very skeptical and slow in adopting speech. They have been using Dictaphone, for the most part under his radar. Well anyways, their contract with Dictaphone ended and he said that NUANCE came in and offered a mandatory upgrade(once contract expires you have to upgrade) at a much higher price. Of course, he ended up signing back up with NUANCE. These guys all hate the thought of automation of speech, but they know it is coming and those that lag will pay the price by not being as competitive.

    • You missed done important point.

      The decison making process is controlled by the older Docs on the may take another 5-10 years for those stubborn bastards to retire.

      The health care field will not bear fruit for NUAN as quickly as you girls think.

      Trust me.


    • That is a bunch of bologne! How long has your wife been a transcriptionist? Voice recognition has been around since 1987. The physicians who have been fighting this technology, or should I say dragging their feet, are the ones who are now retiring or will be in the next 2-5 years! It is the younger, more computer-saavy physicians (anyone in their 50s or younger) who are clamoring to bring this technology on. The transcription field is one area that supposedly to the eye does not bring in any revenue to the healthcare industry and hence the healthcare industry would love to retire us and the sooner the better. Perhaps if your wife is a supervisor and has good standing with her employer, they may be able to fit her in somewhere else in the hospital she works at!

      Your argument that this is going to be a slow process is now passe. One would have to have their head in the clouds or in strong denial, not to admit that the tide is changing fast and I believe it will be this decade that the culmination of voice recognition will occur! I am not counting on another 5-10 years in this profession!

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