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  • airlifter2 airlifter2 Apr 13, 2009 1:17 AM Flag

    OT- Obama losing in new poll

    ha ha ha ha ha Awwww, poor little Barry Sotero. Well, not living up to his lies about "Change" is doing nothing but being a Chicago thug. Coming back on him.

    I'm looking forward to the new Republican Contract with America in 2010 and Barry getting kicked to the curb in 2012 just like Jimmy Carter. LOL

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    • Then put all those you refer to on IGNORE

    • JB, not true....I have much better things to do...just not going to back down to their bluster and show them for the gutless morons that they are....This is now your 4th attempt in the last few weeks, so when are you going to accept they do not need anyone to respond to continue? As smallcaps posted to you within the last week, you are a fool if you think they are going to stop...I will not respond to them for a period ..nothing will change.......At some point, you need to accept what you are dealing with... That is why my pitch changed to asking them to at least stand behind their them out on issues that you prove what ignorant fools they are, or ask them to stand behind their bluster, knowing they are to chichken7%$ to do it.... embarrass them, and keep rubbing their face in it has a much better chance to silenced them then your thoughts that somehow they will just stop being the morons that they are...... that has worked...they have backed ff....problem is when they start up again and try to distance themselves, we need to rehammer them on what they baked away from to resilience them...

      Hope the MSFT rumor is true.......

    • I have no strong opinion about the military, but I'm sure these fools are not representative. They couldn't be because they leave the impression of ignorant, bluffing, cowardly, sexually-insecure, blowhards.

    • Oh, so scared.....moron......thought you wouldn't say what you do...stop drinking the cleaning suppliers huh, save the one or two brain cells you might still have....

      Your not a matter what the prostitutes tell you....we know your not one is stiupid enought to attach themselves to you... your plain and simple a moron want to be....want to be more then the moron you are.... chicken&6%$ .all bluster....

    • Or your style -- knows nothing, tells everything

    • may he for got about dont ask dont tell

    • Yes, and if you just call a 'truce' . . .

    • now starky i told you to be nice.smill

    • Don't talk bad about janitors or any other profession. At least they work for a living, while your standing around with your hand out.

      No matter what my profession is I am something that you will never ever be and that is #1 I'm a man, #2 I'm a man that loves my country and will fight for it and #3 If we ever get to meet, I'm a man that will b*tch slap you and your boyfriend and take your milk money.

      Long NUAN
      Starky (Right Wing Radical)

    • Let go what cowards they are? JB, nothing you have tried to get them to stop has worked..they will not stop no matter what you do. I tried calling them out with money.....back up what they say with something beyond bluster to show what useless tools they are....they did not let it go, just let them slink away, and start all over again, just like they did after they were embarrassed about the truth behind fannie and freddie.....

      To the cowards......... you told us nothing about your background now you are a civilian janitor - sorry, sanitary engineer....

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