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  • sixgunsammy sixgunsammy May 25, 2010 3:08 PM Flag

    It must surely be George W. Bush's fault

    I loathe that piece of sh!t Obama

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    • Oh brother. A FOX hater. Imagine that, lol. Can you simply not absorb what they are saying or do you just not like hearing the truth?

      Interesting how you would say someone else's world is imple when you live a very very simplistic existence by demanding people stop watching something you don't like for whatever reason. And just what is the " real " news we should be watching, hmmmmm? All the obama butt-smoochers like yourself that are watching their ship sink due to your un-ending BS?

      So the real news to you is whatever fits in with what you want to believe or what you " believe " to be true, right?

    • Trying telling us one of our problems is corporations just do not have enough influence....poor little guys. Just crippled by all the restrictions we have had on them for 80 years. They are on their last legs.....
      This is about limits, and your so called non-activists judges changing years of settled law.....limiting, not restricting spending in the political process.
      Hey, I'm on YOUR side. Let's start a petition requiring New York Times (a corporation), the Washington Post (a corporation) MSNBC (a corporation) and any other corporation to be SILENT on all political matters. I'm sure you'll agree that these CORPORATIONS have an undue influence on our lawmakers and public opinion.

      Let's keep our democracy FREE from the tyranny of the corporations!!!!!!

    • sure its his fault. and he better get that oil cleaned up to.

    • Considering the world is still pulling out financial hole Bush and party gave us from the lack of oversight and giving wall street what it wanted, yes. We sold the world junk....

      So all those billions we all lost, they did to. And on that topic, notice our economy is rebounding, and growing again, beyond any doubt helped by financial stimulus, and actions by our Fed, moron. How exactly are the world’s financial problems caused by Obama's policies, fool! It takes years for financial policies from one adminstration to fully go away, and fully take effect...

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