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  • hog1go hog1go Aug 15, 2012 5:30 PM Flag

    Long Term Hold...

    I truly think NUAN will be hugh if your are willing to wait... They are the best at what they do. I see this thing being a gold mine if you have the time to wait. It reminds me of some of the 90's techs that blew up big. Good company, Good customer base, Growing demand for the product and on and on and on...

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    • Very low volume today. Up/Down vol numbers ant better?

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      • Still at 1.1

        From one day to the next, when a stock is basing like NUAN is, there isn't much to write home about. However, if you look at a chart, you'll notice a definite and decidedly bullish bias to the UPside, ever since that 7.1% pop on August 8th. This is very significant action. At some point, NUAN may just break to the UPside---or it could go sideways, then UP.

        The 200 day m/a [$24.36] is right where the resistance begins. Could prove tough sledding from there on up. Just have to wait and see how this basing pattern unfolds. R/S is INcreasing---volume is DEcreasing, even on the pull-back. Also a very positive sign.

        I will usually post here late Friday, pointing out NUAN's action in the past week.

        I watch NUAN as much as I can each day; if anything significant happens from a technical standpoint, I will always mention it here...

    • The technical pressure should be building as this pos marches toward $25 (opal identified that as the break point) The puts, that may indicate where the shorts are, are around $20-$21, the calls which are the top end of the cover for the straddles are clustered around $24-$26. With 22mm shorts last report, I expect a bit less by now but still a ton, blow out numbers, blowout forward expectations, blowout press, and cover for the shorts, assuming they matched, is slipping away. Maybe then we get back to near the $28-$30 that several have estimated. Then and only then can this NUAN/VR addict be satisfied that the stock is back in line with the Company.

    • This stock has tested 23.80 several times, but just doesn't want to go above 24. I'm hoping, but it seems every time we get to this level, the next day we go down to 23.30 or so. We need a shot of vitamin B12.

    • that "blue" label stuff!

    • Yes, I recall those days with fond ardor!

      I bought "APCC" [the old American Power Conversions Corp] in the 1990's around $14, coming out of a textbook cup and handle pattern.

      At one point through the early 2000 "bad years", APCC was the only stock I held. It split several times in those years and I have never felt [or looked] so good on a stock purchase since.

      I sold it just before it was bought out in 2008.

      I have no doubts about ever getting into heaven. When St. Peter asks me why I should be admitted, I'm going to show him those brokerage account statements...

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