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  • onyxpig onyxpig Aug 21, 2012 4:34 PM Flag

    Seeking Alpha

    John Eastman just lit a fire under NUANCE, I think!!!

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    • I interpret the article as stating Apple could afford a 10B premium on top of the 7.22 market cap. These days some companies are being bought with a 65/70% premium depending on their product and its need. JMHO

    • $10bn at 5x multiple in 2bn of rev, and a $31+. That is the current undervalue using 5. Use 4 and you have around $25 with zero for forward. Ricci keeps the rev coming, all will be fine. Imho

    • You're math is right. No way it goes that cheap. I'm thinking closer to $45.

    • Wouldn't 10 billion be about $31.00 per share?

    • Holy Crapola! That's a bit of a statement. I love the part where he says APPL could pay a 10 billion premium and not dent their pocketbook..........that would be a nice share price.

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      • "A bidding war could erupt if they are put in play, driving up the share price significantly."

        How "significantly" is my question? Let us put this in perspective for a moment.

        Let us say that yes, NUAN is being prepped at this moment for a possible sale. If 10 billion would be the asking price, we're looking at a [potential] share price of what from current levels, realistically...?

        It harkens back to my post of some weeks ago. How do "they" decide how much NUAN is worth paying for. When I was working, folks I worked with used to say, " is no object for the rich".

        I disagree with Seeking Alpha to this extent. Many rich folks [money rich companies] care a great deal about how much they invest---and how much they "spend". There is a vast difference between "spending" and "investing". Yet, I digress.

        How would APPL, GOOG, etc go about determining just how much NUAN is worth, right now?

        Those patents have got to be worth a bundle. Yet, how does a large company begin the arduous task of weighing and measuring, so that they don't wind up paying MORE than they have to...

        The reason I ask is that I held a stock at $14 and it was sold to EMC for $34, just a year or so later. I was grateful at first blush, but after while, when the euphoria wore off, I had time to think...

        "I wonder just how great a company ISLN could have been had they been left, on their own, to develop and expand? What might have been...?"

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