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  • uselessineustis uselessineustis Oct 18, 2012 1:12 PM Flag


    This crowd has got to be working hard in light of the continuing application of the NUAN VR, in addition to expanding markets. The valuations will not change until the Revenue numbers are reported and printed. Longs, in this case 92% institution don't pay much attention to the daily technical volatility, so I'm told.

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    • uselessineustis said...

      "institution don't pay much attention to the daily technical volatility, so I'm told."

      Dear friend...I agree with much of what you said, up to this point...

      All institutional investors [growth OR value] have in place, most times BEFORE they invest in a stock, a point at which they will change their strategy. Most will give a company a time line, perhaps 3 to 4 months to perform. After that, they will sell on the next "rally", just to get out and look elsewhere for growth. Value investors operate on a much different parameters, like valuations, P/E, etc based more on fundamentals than technicals..

      However, if the stock[s] does NOT perform as expected. despite having time lines in place, they WILL sell. Holding on to "dead" stock [dead money, I feel currently, that NUAN is one of these] for an interminable time is NOT a game growth investors can play. This is investing with the ego, with hopes and prayers. Stocks don't give a darn what investors think or feel.

      Value investors, perhaps can afford to wait longer, but even they have their limits. Many retail investors BELIEVE they have the ALL the necessary time and patients to wait...and wait...and wait.

      More often than not, the wait is in vein and their hopes are dashed and they lose money. capital preservation is the name of the game for the big guns. It should also rule the retail investors logic too, but it seldom does.

      Remember this, once capital is lost in a stock, there is n-e-v-e-r any guarantee that you'll ever see that money returned to you. NEVER.

      I've learned this the hard way. I'm relearning this with NUAN...

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      • A "dead money" stock is one that continues to build the same widget with supply/demand playing a big role. These companies rely on the economy to determine their fate. NUANCE is FAR from dead money. The moves Ricci is continually making and the innovation his acquisitions are creating make the future very bright. Dead money...I seriously doubt it. This move down today doesn't get my heart rate up one bit. Volume is enemic and I ain't dying tomorrow!!!!

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    • I hear ya use, but I agree with Pig that it seems unlikely that this ER will much better than any of the past, in light of the recent acquistion spree. And I'm afraid that we are heading into the teens after next ER, if its not good. I think shareholder in general, including me, are getting a bit anxious as to when all this activity will improve shareholder equity. I think it's going to be awhile and of course Ricci can always blame the nos on the acquistions. Somewhat like Obama.. keep spendings with promises that aren't happening.

    • And either do I!

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