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  • onyxpig onyxpig Nov 20, 2012 10:47 AM Flag

    Same ol' same ol'

    I'm tired...time to tuck this thing in for 4 more years zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    • I've been in NUAN since April of 2004 at an initial PP just over $5.25. I continued to buy the stock through September 2008 (a little bit more than 4 years). My average price is just over $11 per share. I was an early believer that voice was going to be a huge macro trend over the next two decades. Since 2008 I have sat back and let the market take shape. Her are the year end closing prices for NUAN since 2008:

      2008 - $11.02
      2009 - $15.53
      2010 - $18.18
      2011 - $25.15
      2012 - ???? Currently in the low $20 range

      As you can see NUAN has had only one down stock year and you need to remember we came through one of the worse stock markets in anyone of our lifetimes. Don't write this stock off just because the market has penalized it in the short term for not communicating effectively with the street. The CFs are growing significantly and I believe there will be more focus on managing the #$%$ a little bit less aggressive than they have in the past few years.

      With the group of patents they have, the industries they have targeted, the CF growth that you are seeing, the organic growth that they have achieved and the focus on being the leader in an evolving dynamic space, I believe you need to have a longer term view than one year. The management team has delivered superior stock price growth since 2004 and during the worse down turn since the 1930s the stock is up 80%!

      I believe if you buy NUAN at $20 today, you will be well rewarded 5 and 10 years from now.

      Slow and steady!!!!! Good luck to all!!!!!

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    • Am I frustrated; ya. Call me dense, but, I do not get it. How can we be down this much when we beat earnings by 6%, and miss revenues by 1.6%. What is more important, earnings or revenues?So we missed revenues by $8 Million. Sales are up 28%, revenues up 212% for the year, and the stock is down 30% from earlier in the year? Healthcare numbers should be huge this year between EHR stimulus and ICD-10. Just do not get way we should be down like this at current valuations. But I am frustrated, that the leap upwards always seems just around the corner, and just never comes, even when you hit profitability and amazing growth! Going to hang in for one more year. I'm with ya Cal, but something does not smell right here. Believe WP is behind much of the manipulation, and that is #$%$ me off....

    • Once again the so called street has called in another down day.....Tomorrow it will pounce back and will hit 23 or 24 by next Monday morning. This stock can't miss. VR is driving all future technology development and NUANCE is in the driver seat...

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    • Evidence by the steep decline this morning, the investment community has no respect for this stock. Granted it should be down, but with the growth nos. it shouldn't be down 1.30. I believe investors like us, are tied of the hype and expectations, only to be constantly disappointed. Ricci has stiffed the analyst several times now including yesterdays expectations vs results and a few qtrs previous when Ricci gave signs of a good qtr rasing pre earnings price over $30 only to be disappointed by the results. So there is no tolerance left by these analysts.I've had this stock for over two years with my latest purchase price of $25. But It's time to move on. I figure the downside for poor results, is much more extreme than the upside for good resulte. So there won't be any positive movement for quite awhile. In other words, dead money. Mainly because their is lack of sustained credibilty from Ricci and his BOD. And why should he care..... with the enormous salary and bonuses he takes, there is no sense of urgency to enhance the price in my opinon. GLTA

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      • I feel your pain....I have held way too long now. I always feel we are just a quarter or two away, given the rapid adoption of the tech. My new auto has great VR. So does my iPhone, etc. The stock appreciation is really too slow for the amount of shares I have. I am lucky enough to have made money on NUAN but I really think my money might have been better used elsewhere. I am thinking of selling half of my shares and going to South America with my Secret Service buddies and having a really great party.

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